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New Journal Entry: “You Can’t Touch This, Nah Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah, Nah, Nah”

Erm, yes I did just use MC Hammer’s classic line as my journal title. You’ll see why in just a second…wait for it.


This week has been awesome. I’ve done a bit of travelling (I was working in London on Tuesday and we’re dog-sitting Betsy in Northallerton this weekend) but I’ve mostly been hanging out with Alice in Manchester. It was the perfect time to catch up on some good food and rest. I was exhausted and didn’t even realise it! I only recognised it when I snoozed my alarm three days running, getting up a 9am which is not like me at all! But, a few early nights later combined with lots of energy boosting food, plenty of water and a few Arbonne health busters (protein shakes and digestion plus supplements via Alice) and I feel right as rain again. Just as well, as me and Alice are about to launch into a massive four months of activity towards our dreams. Watch this space.

A few big things have happened this week. For one, I’ve been working on titles and a synopsis for my first ever book. I’m thinking of calling it “DARETOGROW: How to Change your Life in 30 Days”. I’m so excited!! I’ve been doing so much research but the crux of what I’ll be sharing is real life strategies that I’ve used to help me to change every aspect of my life in the last year.

So, why is it subtitled “in 30 days” and not “in one year”? That’s because the decisions I made that led to all the change happened in one month, maybe even less. Change happens in a moment (channelling Tony Robbins there, obviously!) even if the results aren’t always seen straight away. I’ll be talking all about this in the book and I’ll be sharing some incredible techniques for staying committed and motivated…and no it doesn’t involve will power. Who actually has will power? Not me! I prefer cold hard strategies. You’ll see what I mean when you pick up your copy ;-). You’ll love it.

I’ve also been approached to run a webinar for a really popular women’s networking group and I’ve been asked to lead a talk at a Manchester based networking event to encourage more female entrepreneurs to come along and join the group. All very exciting and a definite feminine theme this week.

Another big thing that’s happened this week is that I’ve had the opportunity to test my newly developed skill of ignoring the haters (I think Sarah Knight has just dubbed it ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck‘). Let me explain.

This week, I wrote a really personal blog on Linked In writing about the massive changes I’ve made in my life and the results they’ve generated for me. I loved writing it and I’ve had some amazing messages from people who love reading my content. Me and Alice were even approached in Manchester by people who know us from our blogs and videos…people we’ve never met. You see…you never know who you’re helping…people are always watching.

And so, with success inevitably comes the haters, the doubters and the downright nasty.

One comment was less than favourable.

When I read it, I was upset. It just seemed mean and ill-intentioned. I could be wrong in my interpretation, of course, but it caused a reaction in me. Anger, disbelief…”what the?”, I thought, as I started to think of ways to justify myself, to defend myself. I drafted mental replies and spoke it through with Alice.

All this over one comment? I know, calm down right!

On reflection and having now written this blog, I’ve recognised I was being defensive. I don’t want to attack anybody and I certainly don’t want to second guess myself. What I’ve realised (48 hours after ‘the incident’) is that I am so lucky to have grown so much as a person. I have a certain level of awareness and emotional intelligence that I’ve worked for and am still developing. It means I can’t always have the upper hand and it means I can’t always influence everyone. I’m not afraid and I’m no longer affected by those comments. If anything, I feel more confident than ever in my own personal convictions. I’m learning to strike the balance between having the courage to live out my commitment to myself (building my dream life) and demonstrating consideration for others who are also on this journey – we’re all on this journey aren’t we?

The thing is, some people just don’t believe it’s possible for you and for me and that’s because they can’t see how it’s possible for them? It doesn’t compute. One thing I’m really keen to do, one thing I’ve always done, is share the horrible, heart crunching downside of being in business and following your passions. I don’t position anything as a ‘get rich quick scheme’ or ‘overnight success story’. I’ve been at this since I was 22 and now I’m 30 and am only just starting to break through in a major way. In fact, truth be told, I had my first business when I was 16. I sold my handmade cards in Meynell’s pet shop in Richard, North Yorkshire. I often made an extra £10 on top of my wages and that was awesome to me!!

You see, it’s so easy to be upset by things like this but as you gain reach and exposure, and you begin to be rewarded for the value you add to the world you’re always going to draw out criticism, cynicism and, well, anger. The comments people make towards you are a reflection on themselves not on you. If someone posts words of joy, encouragement and belief then that tells you who they are. If not…well then.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, to remind us all, that we all have something very special to bring to this world but what we have to bring isn’t for everybody and not everybody is ready for it. My purpose and the way I want to manifest it is very unique to me. In my mind, the goal is for us all to learn how to make a living from our dreams rather than remain trapped in a job that doesn’t make our hearts sing. I have figured out how to do this and now I want to learn how to help others do the same. Was it easy figuring this out? Oh hell no! Will it be easy for me to show you? Oh hell no! But, am I committed to finding a way? Oh hell yes.

I will continue to tell my story. I will continue to share my truths. I will continue to help as many people as I can and because of that, I will continue to be rewarded according to the value I add in the world. That is exactly how it should be.

And that’s why: You can’t touch this nah nah nah, nah nah, nah nah.


What am I reading?

Drive - The BookOh my goodness. This week I started Drive by Daniel H. Pink. A coaching client gave it to me and said I’d love it. He’s right. I can’t put it down!! If you’re curious about human motivation…and how we’ve got it all wrong…go and buy a copy immediately.


What am I watching?

This week, I’ve been watching loads of content about Ellen Degeneres and Porsia De Rossi. Ellen is hilarious for one but I love how open they are about their relationship, and how vocal they are about their happiness. Watch this little snippet and you’ll see what I mean.

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