Manifesting in Italy

What you want already exists

I’m not sure I believe in time anymore. Being here in Italy I feel so present. There is no past, no future. This is now. And here I am. Sipping coffee with Alice, under the sunset with Sasha in a basket beside us.


I realised, today, that this moment already existed in The Universe. It was there, available to me at any moment. I just had to do four things:


(1) I had to ask for it with clarity and purpose.


(2) I had to hold that vision and trust it was inevitable.


(3) I had to follow the inspiration and take action to create the path that would bring me here.


(4) And I had to jump when the moment came, despite all the obstacles.


I want to tell you again: Please ask for what you want, trust it already exists, take bold action from your heart and when the moment comes JUMP with everything you have.


Lisa x x