[VLOG 284] Your brain will return, in abundance, the thoughts you plant every day

I am totally obsessed with the realisation that fear, anxiety, worry and doubt will grow in any brain or mind that has not been directed with a powerful alternative vision.


I have been reading ‘The Strangest Secret’ by Earl Nightingale and it has been such a powerful reminder of the importance of vision, goals and direction.


This idea is from that book…


Our brains are like a farmer’s field. They will return in abundance whatever we plant – positive expectations or fears, seeds or weeds. The brain, like the field, doesn’t care what we plant. But it will return it 10 fold.


So it is our job as conscious beings to plan what we want to see returned in abundance. And if we don’t plant positive thoughts, goals to work towards and wonderful expectations for our lives, then fear and doubt will grow instead. It makes perfect sense!


I hope you enjoy today’s vlog, filmed around Lake Como in Italy.



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