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On Tuesday 23rd May I woke up at 5am. I didn’t check my phone or turn on my Mac to read my emails. I no longer read the news and I never really scroll through social media. I had no idea what had happened.

That morning I felt a strange call to meditate. I hadn’t meditated for some time, even though I know the impact it has on me, my state of mind and the world. But this morning I meditated.

I found it hard to silence my mind and find that quiet peace that comes ‘in between thoughts’. I was distracted. I had a lot of work to do that day and ‘my dreams’ were on my mind.

I came out of meditation, made myself a hot lemon water and logged on to Facebook. It’s the first place I go these days to see what my family and friends are up to. It’s a portal into life beyond my four walls.

As I began to scroll I noticed that two of my friends had marked themselves as being safe. Not abroad. Not even in London. In Manchester!

What’s happened, I thought, eyes widening as I clicked the link.

There had been an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.

“No”, I whispered in disbelief.

I started hunting out the news. The details were still breaking and the stories of bravery were yet to emerge. It was a little after 6am.

Reading the details they had so far I couldn’t believe it. Manchester? I thought. A concert?

I started to cry.

Alice and I have come to think of Manchester as home and we’re looking forward to moving back there at the start of July. It’s a magical city. There is a buzz of progression in the air but there is also an overwhelming feeling of being present. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more conscious and awake people in Manchester than in any other City. That’s why Alice and I chose it last year – to be part of that movement.

I got up, got back in bed and, as I held Alice tightly, I wondered how many other people felt the precious delicateness of life this morning. I went back to sleep, not wanting to wake Alice with the news, not yet.

A few hours later we woke up.

“There’s been an explosion in Manchester!” Alice said in shock.

I filled her in on what I’d found out and we read the stories together. We watched as friends checked in as ‘being safe’ and strangers offered their homes, their clothes, their kitchens to the people in need. Amidst the anger, the sadness, the chaos and the tears so many people were rallying round and offering much needed support.

It was humbling.

We had a quiet day that day. We didn’t talk much about anything else. We didn’t really do any work. Our social media feeds fell silent.

I saw other people getting on with their lives and businesses promoting their news their products and service as usual but this was an unusual day. There had been a terrorist attack in the UK, in Manchester.

Alice and I spoke at length about the explosion and our conversation turned, in time, to consciousness.

Why did this happen? How do you change the way people behave? How do you stop this from happening in the future?

What I’ve come to realise more and more over the last two years is that change doesn’t come from politicians and news outlets. Politicians direct policy, sure, but their hands are tied in many cases: it’s about what’s popular and not always about what’s right. New outlets unveil scandals and report on stories but they too cover what’s popular and not always what’s needed.

So what is right? What is needed?

We all know what’s right. When we do the right thing, the sensations in our body tell us so. We experience love, joy, fulfilment, happiness, peace, calm. When we do the wrong thing, our bodies tell us that too. We experience fear, anger, regret, rage and guilt. Sometimes on a small scale and sometimes on a big scale.

The politicians and the army must react to keep us safe. I know that. It would be naive to think we could stand down, trust in love and let be. The world isn’t there yet. But, there is more to the story. We can help move the people of the world to this place sooner: a place of love, joy, fulfilment, happiness, peace and calm.

As we look on, we must act too. In small ways and in big ways. We mustn’t just vote for the right party or express our views on social media. We must vote every single day with the thoughts we think, the words we utter and the actions we take.

Just like Stephen Jones, the homeless man who rushed into the scene of the explosion to help those caught in the blast.  In an interview shortly after the attack Steve was filmed saying “They needed the help. I’d like to think someone would come and help me if I needed the help.”

His comments spoke right to my heart. This man was homeless. Did he need help now? Has he needed help in the past? Have I ever walked past this man in Manchester and not helped him in his moment of need?

When asked ‘why did you go back’ he replied: “It’s just instinct isn’t it. I’m human, they’re human.”

It made me think that we must take extra special care of strangers, just as we take extra special care of our loved ones. We must spread kindness and hope and joy everywhere, every day. Without being asked. Without expecting anything in return. We must tune into the language of the universe and play a role in raising the vibrations on this of the planet, by raising our own conscious awareness of what really matters.

We all knew, right then as we heard the news, what really mattered. Love. Peace. Growth. Time with loved ones. Living life to the full. Not money or deadlines or ‘being the best’ or working the hardest.

Even though I wasn’t there when it happened, I felt its impact through the words and testimonies of other people. Because thoughts, words and actions have power. They have energy. They have a vibration. I imagined how the families of the victims must be feeling and I felt their fear and their grief and their anger. And then I asked myself, what now?

I knew what to do. The best way to respond is with higher vibrational thoughts, words and actions. It’s to give up fear and anger and find a place in our hearts to bring more love, joy, fulfilment, happiness, peace and calm to the people around us.

As the families and the people of Manchester, the UK and the world grieve we must pray, meditate and act out of our higher consciousness. Touch one person’s life and as they change, they affect others. Touch ten people’s lives and the impact is multiplied. It’s the butterfly effect. It’s paying it forward.

Tune in to your heart space, ask for guidance and follow the wisdom that comes.

This might mean making fewer judgements of others or being more mindful. It might mean holding our tongue when we want to say something mean about the people we meet and offering compassion and understanding instead. It might mean moving away from low vibration activities such as heavy drinking, smoking and gossiping and moving towards higher vibrational activities such as meditating, time in nature and living a life of passion and purpose.

I truly believe in the soul of the universe. I believe that on some level we are all connected. What I see in you is present in me and what I say about someone else I feel too. Our thoughts carry power and so too do our words and our actions. Everything vibrates on a frequency and this attack has prompted me to raise my standards, raise my vibrations and raise my consciousness to the next level.

May I send my heartfelt love and sympathy and a sense of calm and peace to the families and friends of the people affected by the attack. We are all one. I will pray for you all tonight and I will continue to raise my vibrations and contribute to the light worker movement of the world so that we can indeed change the way people behave and stop this from happening in the future.

Lisa x x

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