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Where do you get your vibe on?

This weekend, Alice and I hopped in the car with the family dog in tow and headed for Manchester. We were going to Ziferblat at Media City, a brand new co-working space that had just opened earlier in the week.

Ziferblat is pretty darn cool! Everything inside is free. You just pay for your time there. It’s 8p per minute so you can stay there for an hour or even all day; for a team meeting or a bit of quiet writing.

Lisa Bean - Ziferblat Media City

There are small round tables and long wooden benches. Open spaces and closed off ‘huts’. All the tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes are free and you’re in the company of like minded, goal setters. It’s the nature of the place to attract people who love a change from the norm.

Two hours there and two hours back…was it worth it? Oh heck yer! It’s one of those places where you don’t feel rushed to drink your coffee and go. It’s open and light and creative, with enough people kicking around to help you feel ‘part of something’. Oh, and they let us bring the dog – Betsy! In fact, she was quite a hit!

Ziferblat is one of those places we go to get our vibe on and get creative. But we also go to Cod Beck Reservoir – I run and Alice does lots of writing there. Sometimes we go to Seaham Hall near Durham. And sometimes we just stay local.

Alice - Cod Beck Reservoir

It’s important to know where you go and what you do to get creative. One of my tricks is to always listen to the same piece of piano music when I write. I hear that song and it’s a cue to start writing!

Where do you go to get your vibe on? To get creative? To produce? You see, in order to change your life, launch a movement and change the world there comes a point where you have to stop thinking and start doing. Ahh scary, I know!

The transition feels bumpy and awkward. You ask yourself ‘am I ready?’, ‘will anyone read this?’, ‘what if it tanks?’. The answer to all of those questions is: it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you dare to grow, you dare to create and you dare to try. Start and you’ll figure it out as you go. Trust me.

DARETOGROW must be my 100th business idea. I started with graduate coaching and moved into graduate recruitment. I toyed with web design and grew a marketing agency! I got into networking and ended up running live speaking events. I launched a consultancy and now train people in charities on how to go digital. Looking back, every single idea, venture and lesson learnt has helped me launch my absolute passion project: DARETOGROW – helping you to uncover your purpose and make a living from your dreams.

Did I know this is where I was heading? Nooooo. I just followed the bread crumbs. I followed my passion and asked ‘how do I make a living from this’ along the way. The answer of course was to share my story, connect with like-minded people and offer affordable programmes that truly empowered people to change their lives, like my ‘Make Your Move‘ programme starting in July.

Lisa Bean Lisa Bean Writing

What are your bread crumbs? What is your inner voice telling you to do? Find a special place, sit down with a pen and paper or lap top and just start something. It could be a blog or a journal. A painting or a picture. A business plan or a marketing idea. A story or a book. A cake or a recipe book. Go somewhere where you can get your vibe on and create something. Anything Even if it means driving two hours to get there.

This is your challenge for the week. Email me and tell me what you’ve created.

Lisa x x

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