2017: designing my life

The foundation has been set. 2017 is going to be one beautiful year…

My vision

This time next year, Alice and I will be looking out to the beach from our villa in Ibiza. We have a three bedroom apartment (much like the one in the photograph) with a beach view and parked outside is a white Mercedes truck. I can see palm trees. I can smell the ocean. The apartment is filled with fresh vegan food and exotic fruits, lovely clothes, comfy cushions, inspiring magazines and books. We spend two weeks out of every month in our Ibiza apartment and family and friends come to visit often – we love entertaining there. I spend my time reading and writing on our balcony, making videos and courses from all over the Island and speaking in the UK on topics including how to change your life, how to make a living from your passions and how to go vegan. Alice spends her time running online retreat programmes, coaching women and building a global online health and wellness business. Together, we walk on the beach, go to lovely restaurants and just hang out.


  • Save 100,000 animals from animal cruelty.
  • Donate £200,000 pounds or 20% profits (whichever is higher) to PETA throughout the year.
  • Help 1000 people become vegetarian or vegan.
  • Become an Amazon best selling author.
  • Buy an apartment in Ibiza with Alice.
  • Stay fit and healthy and build a four pack!


  • Specifically, take 5000 through my online courses to help them uncover their purpose, set a compelling vision for their lives and launch a movement to change the world (thus making a living from their passions).
  • Teach thousands of more people how to take control of their lives through free videos and other content.
  • Build an online business which allows me to travel the world whilst spending time on the causes I love.
  • Write / produce new content for 90 minutes every single day.
  • Join a beautiful gym in England for 6 months (January – June) and run weekly.
  • Politely decline where things are not aligned to this strategy.


I’ll update on progress each month.


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