[POD CAST] An Excellent Example of Being Human

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Lisa Bean is a leading transformational speaker, business coach and vlogging badass! Through her daily vlog, her 12-week online course and her epic 12-month group coaching program, Lisa shows purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to build a six-figure business doing what they love so they can live, work, and sleep anywhere in the world! Lisa lives in the UK with her partner Alice and their little whippet Sasha, and travels all over the world speaking, training and making videos to inspire others to follow their passions!


We talk about how she went from running and quitting two six-figure businesses, why we should do bad days full tilt, and how Lisa makes moving every year work for her. For people struggling with burnout, depression, struggling to find their place in this universe, this conversation will help give you some clarity on next steps you can take.


Highlights of our conversation:


2:21 – How to find peers, colleagues, and mentors
4:18 – The rule of thirds (to help you stay sane)
7:14 – How moving every year has unlocked her goals
11:10 – Why Lisa couldn’t get out of bed with two six-figure businesses
19:47 – Answer this question today
23:14 – The realization that helped Lisa move past what other people thought of her
25:59 – Lisa’s mantra (includes the word s*%#)
27:03 – The most important thing you can share for the world
29:55 – Do bad days f’ing good
32:49 – The reasons Lisa cut her hair off
38:04 – What is a soul contract?
43:30 – The Time Millionaire changes Lisa’s life
47:37 – Who Lisa serves and how to find her
48:53 – Lisa answers the jar of LOLz


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Interview: Lisa Bean


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Podcast edited and mixed by Andrew Geary – andrew [at]