How to market your purpose led business

Have you got something you want to bring to the world? An event? A retreat? An online course? Change?
Don’t think of it as launching a business, think of it as launching a movement.

We all have a movement in us: a change we want to see in the world and any movement needs three things –

(1) a purpose – a driver, a reason, a uniting mission
(2) a platform – a way to connect, share ideas and take action; and,
(3) a leader – that’s you…the person who dares to go first and lead the way for others.

But you also need a way to spread your movement: a way to connect with the people you can help.

In this very practical 10 minute video I’ll show a marketing funnel that will connect you with people who share your purpose in a fun and authentic way. Plus, see it all the way through to ‘commit’ and you’ll win wonderful new clients who love working with you.

I know this will blow your mind – it’s pretty darn cool…

So if you want to take it a step further, check out my free 6 day kickstart – a series of 6 x 10 minute videos that will show you how to tap into your purpose, turn it into a movement that people want to join and take action to change your life and change the world.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Lisa x x

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