Transformational speaker in London

The First DARETOGROW Live Experience in London

Wow wow wow! What can I say about last night?! Well THANK YOU first of all for all the daretogrowers who took a punt on themselves, took a leap of faith, hopped on tubes and trains and roads to join me at MY FIRST DARETOGROW EVENT IN LONDON!! We had people from London, Nottingham, Lincoln, Bristol and even Edinburgh. Wow. JUST WOW.

Honestly? I loved it!!! Every minute of it. But… I was terrified! Hours before the event I found myself crying in my hotel room 😭 asking “Lisa what are you doing?!”. I know by now that that was the voice of fear, the voice of my ego. Grrr, pesky little thing!

The cure? I meditated. And once I was done I felt calm, centred and ready to go. I even walked to the venue to get the bloody pumping. And of course when everyone started turning up, I knew there was no reason to be scared. It’s the DARETOGROW gang! The loveliest most support group of people online!

I want to tell you this because I want to share the truth of the journey in the hope it helps you find your courage to act on your dreams in the face of fear. You see, no matter how confident people look online, we all feel anxiety in the face of our goals, our dreams.

Me included.

I’m just a gal from Newcastle with a dream to change the world by reminding us all WE HAVE A PURPOSE. What makes our purpose so special is our story. If we can each find the courage to face our fears, overcome our challenges and use that journey, that story, to inspire others we won’t just change our own lives, we’ll change the frickin’ world!!

Keep taking action on your dreams. One small step every day: Book the venue, write the blog, share the photo, launch the Facebook page. If you can touch one person and help them feel better then you’ve made the world a better place.


Ps if you want to come to a future event, make sure you tick your top location on the mailing list. New dates being released soon and I can’t FRICKIN’ wait!!!