Let go

It’s okay to let go of who you were

Have you ever heard the phrase: “A leopard cant change his spots”, meaning I can’t change who I am?


I don’t agree with this. Because who are you really? Don’t we play different roles at different stages of our lives? Don’t we show different sides of ourselves to different people? Don’t we adapt our style to suit the situation?


Jim Carey once said that when he realised how easy it is to get into different roles, he started to wonder who the true Jim Carey was. How could he be sure he wasn’t playing a role right now?


I believe there is a true, deeply connected version of each of us…our highest self. But we cover it up, obscure it, mask it with the ego mind. We play roles. Or, we simply deny it because in truth, we’re afraid of its power.


We’re afraid that if we show our highest selves, the truest version of who we are, will we will judged, excluded, unloved.


But what if that version of you is exactly what the world needs? What if it’s the key to your happiness? What if the greatest connection, friendship and love you’ll ever experience is waiting for this deepest version of you to reveal itself and take its seat at the table?


Who you have shown to the world so far isn’t necessary who you are. There’s more. More depth, more true, more power.


And today, I invite you to let go of who you think you ought to be or have been in the past and embrace and welcome in more of who you can be, and are deep down.


Let your truth shine. And just see what happens.



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