[VLOG 216] What are you asking for? Secrets of Manifestation | Daily Vlog

One of the most important things you can do to bring about (or manifest) something you want in life is to call it in. Actually put out a call and ask for it. This means to have a specific intention for the type of person you’d love to work with, the type of partner you’d love to meet, the type of opportunity you’d love to have…


It’s funny because so many people have ‘secret’ requests. They want something but they’ve never said it out loud, they’ve never written it down, they’ve never asked for it. Part of manifestation is being crystal clear on what you want to create and asking for it. Make sure you know. Make sure other people know. Make sure the intention is clear and spoken.


So what do you want? Have you been clear about it? Are you asking for it…or is it a secret request?


Today, get super focused on what you want and call it in.


Tell family, friends, colleagues. Write it down with detail. Make a video about it. Practice gratitude for it. Go where you’re likely to find it. Get creative and think of all the ways to bring it into your reality.


The outcome or solution you want is out there right now. Waiting for you. So make the ask and become the person who can have it when it shows up.

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