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I have to laugh. I used to sit at my desk as the MD of a six figure marketing agency I founded at 23, managing a team of 8 people, in a suit. A suit people!! And let’s not even mention the handbag…Okay, let’s…I had a handbag haha.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wearing a suit or having a handbag…In fact I quite fancy rocking the Angelina style black Tux to my next fancy event.⠀

But, it’s not who I am. This is who I am. Jeans. Timbs. A karki jacket. And a multi functional backpack with a hidden compartment for my passport lol.

I’m chilled, mega chilled. I swear. I travel. I shave my head twice a month lol. And I’m still crushing it in business.

DARETOGROW is my third six figure business. I run an epic group coaching programme called EXPANSION and twice a year I open up spots to my MEGA online course.

Around that, I love to travel, run on the beach with my dog and bake in my kitchen with Alice. Well actually, she just eats what I bake hahaha.

Now once upon a time I literally didn’t think THIS was possible. I thought I had to wear suits, sit at a desk and have long hair to be taken serious. But it turns out that people value one thing more than ‘the perfect picture’: They value THE TRUTH.

People are drawn to authenticity, to confidence, to personal expression.

So as someone who’s built two six figure businesses in traditional ways, and one in a, erm, non-traditional way, I just want to tell you: IT’S POSSIBLE. You can be yourself AND STILL build a six figure business. In fact, you’ll likely have a lot more luck 😉


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