How to use funnel marketing

Hey there! My name’s Lisa and in the last 10 years I have been on an entrepreneurial rollercoaster. From building businesses to make money to building a business to make a living doing what I love I’ve figured out what it takes to build a multiple six figure business that SCALES. My mission, through DARETOGROW, is to teach good people – smart people, purpose driven people – how to launch a business around what they love and scale it up to six figures and beyond!


I run two incredible programmes to help you do that.


DARETOGROW / The Online Course is a start up school for purpose driven entrepreneurs. I will show you how to uncover your purpose, change your life and launch a business to start making a living doing what you love! You don’t need any business experience to join this course. You just need a desire to change your life and launch something around your passion – it could be a web site, a course, a blog or a business.


Expansion Business School is a scale up school for people in business who want to build a scalable online system and generate £10k – £30k online every month. There is a huge focus on building a scalable marketing funnel, automation and building your brand online. To join this course, you need to be in business already and excited and ready to scale it up to £100+ plus a year.


I have also just launched a brand new one-to-one coaching programme for May 2020. There are currently six spots available.


Lisa Bean is the founder of DARETOGROW – the online platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to build scalable businesses around their purpose. She is the host of DARETOGROW TV, producing weekly vlogs and free educational content for entrepreneurs, amassing over one million minutes viewed. She is the founder of DARETOGROW / The Online Course and Expansion Business School. Her new book – First Sh!t Version – hit number #2 on the Kindle charts on day 1 and is available in paperback and on Kindle on Amazon.