Celebration Partaaayyyy!! Are you ready for this? [VLOG #42]

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Wooowwww prepare yourself! This is a fast pace, jam packed episode of DARETOGROW ‘The Journey’ – the behind the scenes vlog showing you what I’m doing to change my life every single day! It’s epiicccc! In this episode, have a peek into Sunday’s live with my private coaching group – the Movement Makers. Plus, find out what I’m doing to grow my Instagram account (it’s working oh my goodnesss!), why being yourself matters so much annnnddd what I can’t stop doing at the moment! If you love this episode, don’t forget to hit LIKE on Facebook to see future episodes. Fresh new content shared daily! Lisa x x #DARETOGROW


About Author

Lisa Bean

Founder of three six figure businesses, Lisa will teach you how to uncover your purpose and how to make a living doing what you love every day. Twice a year Lisa runs an online course called ‘Make Your Move’ to help people launch their movement and change the world. Lisa also runs a consultancy firm, IX7, helping purpose led businesses to have a bigger impact in the world.

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