Why you’re NOT Manifesting…

In today’s video, we’re following up on the idea of Manifesting. I’m going to share with you the reasons why you may not be manifesting.


There are several reasons, several blocks you might say, that, commonly we have in front of us that hold us back from manifesting correctly.


Don’t believe what you hear – Manifesting is real and it is possible TODAY.

A lot of my clients say to me “Lisa, I’m so bad at manifesting, I can’t do it”. You are manifesting, each and EVERY day.


But are you following the right steps? Have you got the right frame of mind to manifest? Are you doing it with the best intentions, for the best results?


Firstly: You need to raise awareness of what it is that you ACTUALLY want to manifest. Be crystal clear, know exactly what it is, and seek it.


Once you have that then you need to affirm it.

Write it down; write the affirmation that you tell yourself, each and every day.


Thirdly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even if it’s just surrounding yourself with people that are in alignment with your goals. You become an average of the people you surround yourself, so make sure they’re a hardworking, purpose-driven, motivated bunch! Business friends are SO important in this journey.


And finally, don’t be down heartened if something doesn’t work. Each path you take, be it a successful one with a pot of gold at the end, or a long-winding path with no clear end in sight (both of which are non-existent) – it’s all learning. Each path teaches you something.


Guys, this is the second part of my NEW Manifestation content. If you’ve not yet seen the first video, “3 steps to Manifestation” go ahead and check it out here: