3 steps to Manifestation…

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To kick things off, this week we’re looking at the buzzword you’ve probably all heard, but maybe not quite understood; Manifestation.

But what the F does that even mean?

To understand the universe is the first step to manifesting…

Tomorrow does not exist, yesterday does not exist, the only thing that exists is right here, right now. When you allow yourself to be present in the moment you can start to manifest what you want TODAY!

What were the 3 steps to manifestation?

STEP 1 – Clarity: Much like how a captain knows which direction the ship must sail; you must know exactly what you’re aiming for. Be crystal clear and honest with yourself, what is it you want?

STEP 2 – Energy: Make sure the energy in which you are vibrating, is that of a positive one. Meaning, you are performing these tasks, these visions, for the right reason.

STEP 3 – Action: Start today, once you’ve got your vision, once you know why you’re doing it, take action.

To be continued…


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