[VLOG] Episode #25 – You become what you think about most

[14th August – 20th Aug] The law of attraction is a powerful law. It’s impossible to think about something constantly without it becoming the essence of your existence. I read that in a book last week and realised how much my life has become what I’ve been thinking about – living by the sea, running an online business, happiness, friends, family, baking. What do you think about most?

In this VLOG we go to the beach a lot, obviously! We try yoga at the Tynemouth Boat Club, we head into town for Kundalini yoga and we have lots of family and friends over for tea and scones. Plus, I unveil an exciting new project and show you behind the scenes as I film for my online course – DARETOGROW and Make Your Move.

Thank you to:

– My Aunty Sharon, Melissa and their gorgeous dog Roxy for coming to visit
– Jo at Jasmine Yoga for the beautiful yoga at Tynemouth Boat Club
– Dev who runs Kundalini yoga every Monday in Newcastle city centre

Also featuring:

– Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Jamie’s
– Tynemouth Market
– The Coast restaurant in Tynemouth

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