VLOG Episode 23 – “We’re moving to the ocean!”

Oh my goodness I’m so excited to share this news…me and Alice Rosemary Allum are moving to the ocean!! We’ve just moved to the most beautiful flat in Tynemouth, right by the ocean. This is a dream come true for both of us and we can’t wait to get stuck into what’s happening up here.

We’ve ummed and ahhd (are they real words?!) about where we wanted to live and we decided it must have (1) the ocean, (2) stylish cafes and (3) lots of classes and things going on…oh, a beautiful kitchen for baking, huge windows with lots of light, high ceilings, a bath, modern fittings….the list goes on…and we found it hehe. Well Alice did – you legend!!

It’s a huge bonus that we’ve moved back to my hometown and my entire family live here!

Dreams really do come true. Declare what you want, do the work and make it happen. I can’t wait to buy my new writing desk and chair…I’m going to find one similar to the one in my vision book. Seems only fair!

This blog features:

– The wonderful Tara Sellars – Alice’s beautiful yoga teacher (thank you, I needed that session!)
– The most magical little baby (Erica), she melts my hearts, and her gorgeous baby mama Natalie Thereza
– Jordan Thomas Collings and Cosmo Max – fellow fur parents who we love…we’ll come back to see you all soon (Rocco included)
– Dev Ajeet Kaur – the beautiful soul who ran the kundalini yoga session in the North East…loved the singing the moves and…hello…the drum!! Gotta get me one of those.

#feelinggrateful #lovinglife #daretogrow

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