VLOG Episode 19 “Take a step every day”

Good morning and happppy Monday!! How’s everyone feeling today? I’m pretty pumped because on Saturday I attended a fab training day in London called Saturday Marketing Live (fab name!). It gave me the chance to really think about two things:

(1) My business proposition and how I can shape it to help more and more people uncover their purpose and build a life they love (hurray!) and…

(2) How to better manage my time so I add lots of value whilst getting to bed before midnight (I’m working on it!).

Here’s a little peek behind the scenes of this last week as I continue on my journey to build my dream life. Thank you Faye, Cosmo, Jordan and #Saturdaymarketinglive for being part of this week’s vlog with me and Alice …oh and Betsy and Rocco too of course 🐶🐶

My big message this week?

Change is overwhelming when you think of it ‘as a whole’. Yes, there’s lots to do but so what? The question to focus on is over the next week is: “So what can I do right now, today, to bring me one step closer to my goals”.

P.s. how cute are the tiny frogs???!


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