[VLOG #44] Do you recognise this woman??

Are you ready for this? In this (slightly longer) vlog, we talk change, saying thank you to your younger self and boundaries! One to watch if:

– You find yourself picking up the slack for other people (truth talk in this vlog!)
– You’re comparing yourself to other people (that never ends well)
– You’re not happy with your progress (have you seen how far you’ve already come?!)
– You love dogs and the beach (standard!)
– It’s time for a change in your life (I’ll say no time)
– You’re tired out and need to re-focus (there’s plenty of time)

In this vlog, I talk about why happiness cost me £70,000 and I introduce a new ‘fireside chat’ style ending to the vlog…

Let me know in the comments…what can you thank the former version of you for? A decision you made? A change you made? A feeling you followed. I’d love to hear.

Lisa x x x

P.s here is the link to the blog I mention in the vlog – https://daretogrow.co.uk/how-to-change-your-life/why-happiness-cost-me-70000/

P.p.s Here is the video I mention – three things that changed my life – https://youtu.be/Gztg5ZCoPBU



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