[VLOG 231] We will rise together

“We will rise together”. One of the things I’ve focused on in the last few months has been making friends and building connections with purpose-driven people who have businesses.
This is so important to me. I love being in business. I love personal development. I love the whole journey of growth. And I’ve needed peers to share that with: To talk about what’s working, to help with each other’s challenges and to celebrate the journey together.
It’s hard to make connections like this. But I’ve found the trick! Join other people’s programmes! If I invest to join a mastermind or online course or group coaching programme, I know that other people like me will have been attracted to that programme too!
It’s obvious when you think about it! If you want to make friends like you, go to where they hang out…do more of what you love.
And, if you have to invest thousands and fly across the world to do it, so be it haha! I absolutely lovely today’s vlog.
Thank you so so much to the incredible Lilia Navarrete for hanging with me all day. Chatting, walking, strategising…and vlogging New York City.
THIS is my new favourite vlog!
Lisa x xx