[VLOG 233] How to be happy…and how I got over depression!

Imagine, for a second, you need to buy milk and bread (ahem, oat milk of course). The shop is opposite a large luscious field in front of your house. A gorgeous winding path zig zags through the field, taking you past flower beds and benches, parks and people.


And then, there is the cut through – the dirt track we carved right through the middle as the quickest way from A to B.


You have two options:


Option 1 – Take the winding path and go the long way round. Pass the people on bikes. Pet the odd dog that runs into your legs. Arrive at destination a little behind schedule but happier. You’ve exercised. You’ve bumped into more people. You’ve lived.


Option 2- Take the short cut. Walk across that horrible brown track that has been beaten into the grass by everyone else in a hurry to get the job done. You bump into other busy folk, you read a few messages on the way and you think about everything on your list after this task. You arrive sooner. But, well, bleugh.


I think happiness is a lot like this…


It’s a longer road and it takes more work but the result is better.


For example, I know that to feel good (and win against depression) I have to run (effort), I have to eat good food (effort), I have to limit my coffee intake (EFFORT!!!).


I know that to get depressed, I just have to stay in bed longer (easy), eat junk food (easy) and avoid the things on my to do list (EASY!!!).


I still have that pathway for depression in my brain, just like that dirt track across the field still exists. But each day, as difficult as it is, I have to choose the long way round.


It today’s vlog, set in beautiful LA, I talk about the things I do to stay on the path of happiness and win in the battle against depression.


Watch with an open mind and see if there is one thing you can pick up from today’s vlog that will make today and tomorrow a little lighter for you.


With so much love and respect, Lisa x x





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