[Vlog 219] Manifestation: HOW to manifest everything and anything in life!

Something has shifted in me. I get it. I get the secret of life. I feel like I’ve known this theoretically for a long time, but it’s landed in me this week.


This is how you get (manifest) anything you want in life:


1. Vision – Set the vision. Make a declaration to yourself and others. What do you want? How to do you want to feel? Who are you committed to becoming? What do you want access to?


2. Make it real – Experience a version of it now to get into vibrational alignment with it. That means test driving the car and practicing gratitude for having it in your life. That means going on holiday where you want to live. That means working more on your business each day to make working on it full time possible.


3. Have faith – KNOW that it’s possible before you have evidence for it. Believe to see, don’t see to believe.


4. Details – Hone in on details to make it even more real in your mind’s eye. Focus on it every day. Bring it into existence.


5. Take massive action to bring your vision closer to your current reality!


Press play on today’s vlog to find out my next goals and how I’m using this process to bring them to life!


Remember: Faith is believing in something before you have evidence for it.



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