“I can’t do video, I’m not technical enough!”

I have heard this so many times. And I have to tell you the truth: This is how every pro starts out; as a complete novice.

Everyone you’ve ever seen doing well online, whether that’s making videos, sharing pod casts or even building up an inspiring Instagram account, started years before without a clue! And without any fancy tech. Trust me.

So how did they do it? Well, they started with a compelling vision. Then they set a strategy that would bring their vision to life. And then, they got to work building their skills, day by day, to make that vision their new reality.

And guess what? I bet it took them years to do it!

This is because we all need time to clarify our vision, to decide on what matters and to build the skills we need to make it all happen. It doesn’t happen overnight.

So don’t worry if your first video is rubbish. At least you’re creating.

Don’t worry if your first blog doesn’t get many hits. At least you’re starting to articulate your message.

Don’t worry if you get no engagement on your Instagram posts in the beginning. At least you’re starting to see what works and what doesn’t.

You see this is the thing people don’t realise – no one video, post or share is going to build your business and change your life.

What will change your life is the vision you set, the action you take every single day and the person you become along the way. Get to work on your dreams today and let all of your efforts compound to build the life you want.

Stop saying “I’m just not technical enough” and start asking “Who can I learn this from right now?” You have a message, a gift, a story to share. Set your vision, decide on your strategy and start buiding up those skills today.



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My name’s Lisa and I’m a Transformational Coach, Speaker and Vlogger living in Tynemouth, Newcastle (North East). Having built two traditional six-figure businesses by the time I was 30, I knew that ‘success’ wasn’t what I wanted. What I wanted was to be happy. Very happy. And so I set about on a mission to uncover my purpose, get over depression and build my dream life. Now I show others how to do the same.

Also obsessed with dogs, vegan baking and marketing.




In my ‘daily vlogs’, I bring you behind the scenes as I change my life and build my dream business. Each day I show you a new technique for changing your life, making a living doing what you love or building your dream life.

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