On Living an Unconventional Life


I’m living an unconventional life, I know that. I’m vegan, I vlog my life (I mean am I mad hehe), I shaved my hair (love it) I’ve chosen to live my life with another woman and I’m prepared to risk everything for happiness. Again and again and again.

I used to live a life of convention. The job, the boyfriend, even my first two businesses were a little more conventional – recruitment and marketing. And whilst I was ticking everyone else’s boxes I wasn’t ticking any of my own…

✗ Happy – nope
✗ Excited to wake up and start the day – nope
✗ Living a life of passion – nope
✗ Expressing my truth – nope
✗ Living my purpose – nope

Something had to change. In fact, everything had to change because I had to change.

Going against the traditions of your community – whether that’s at work, in your family or in your friendship groups – is never easy. I know. It means stepping out in the unknown, opening yourself up to judgement and the fear of failure.

But do you know what’s on the other side of that fear?

✓ Happiness – oh yes!
✓ Being excited to wake up and start the day – yup
✓ Living a life of passion – yup
✓ Expressing your truth – yup
✓ Living your purpose – oh yes!

And I’d rather live a life of happy fear than unhappy comfort.

And so here’s to all of you, living an unconventional life!

In this vlog:

– We’re back in the flat after a wonderful trip to Tynemouth
– I explain why traditional networking isn’t for me
– I make a start on an incredibly important goal for January
– We get treated to a 5 course vegan meal courtesy of the lovely Rachel at Coast Kitchen and Bar in Tynemouth (check them out!!)

Have an amazing Tuesday everyone!



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