Listen up! This is something I really want you to know…you get what you expect in life, the good and the bad. It’s a mix of the law of attraction, self fulfilling prophesies and sod’s law! Of course haha.

As motivational speaker Les Brown says “We’re all self made, but only the successful amongst us care to admit it”.

I know now beyond any doubt that you can have, do, anything you want in life. The key is to set your vision, extend your timelines, break it down into yearly goals and take one small step every single day. Simple right? Haha, well not quite, I know! Trust me, I know.

In this daily vlog day series I want to show you behind the scenes as I change my life – the good, the bad, the ups and the downs – and share with you what I learn along the way!

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If you saw the event and thought ‘this sounds perfect!’ then you can find out more at https://daretogrow.co.uk/events/. There are only 30 spots left and it’s set to be a corker! It includes a transformational talk (which will change your life!), mocktails & canapés and mingling with people just like you; people who want more from life.

In this vlog:

– Come behind the scenes as we check out the venue for the next DARETOGROW Live Event on 23rd February at the Hilton, Newcastle;
– Find out how I started as a speaker; annnddd,
– Find out where I’m taking Alice for her 27th birthday…it’s been a big surprise for months ahhh!!

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