Oh my goodness I am beyond excited to tell you that the DARETOGROW Live Events are backkkk!!! Well, I’ve announced one new date so far – Hilton Newcastle, 7-10pm on Friday 23rd February – And that’s enough to get me super [SUPER] excited.



I’m going alllll out with this one everyone. There will be a LIVE transformational talk that will get you moving, shaking and, more than that, making decisions to change your life. We’ll be looking at your vision, your 1 year goals and how to get into a peek state to make it all happen.

All whilst enjoying mocktails and vegan canapés. Well now, we’ve got be in the zone to change our frickin lives!!!

Tickets available at https://daretogrow.co.uk/events.


In this vlog:

– How I get new events off the ground – my dopamine rich approach to actions! Works every time.

– Alice does DOGA hahaha, and Alfie (we were dog sitting) is pretty good.

– How I get my photos for Instagram – it’s easier than you’d think and you can do it too.

– And plenty of time outside with those pooches.

Full vlog now available on YouTube – https://youtu.be/BU8zqqSIc_8

I hope you enjoy!


Don’t forget to book your tickets if you’d love to come and be part of this ground shaking, world changing event. Meet likeminded people on the journey to living an epic life doing what they love.



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