[VLOG 212] Will you give yourself time?

Hey you! I want to tell you a CRAAAZYyyyyy story. But first I gotta know: Are you a regular vlog watcher? I’d love to know in the comments when you started watching the vlogs and how often you watch them?


I’m asking because this LA trip was the completion of a major open loop for me…and I didn’t even realise until I was there! Lol.


Let me paint the scene.


It’s July 2015. I have depression. I HATE my life. I’m in £100k of debt (and no-one knows!). And I don’t know how I’m going to carry on. Literally.


I thought ‘If I die today, people will stand up at my funeral and tell stories of my life but it will all be a life: That’s not who I am. I’m living a lie!’.


I was 27 years old and I distinctly remember feeling: “My life is over, it’s too late. I’ve messed it up and there’s no coming back from this…”


That’s when the Universe intervened and whispered from the heavens: “It’s time, this gal is ready!”, before slapping me in the face with three life altering moments ‘WAKE UP’ moments that sent me into a tailspin, otherwise known as ‘the journey’ haha.


First, a team member sent me a video of Steve Jobs. In it he said: “We’re all gonna die one day. So, if I find myself doing something I don’t like for too long, I just stop!”.


This was chilling because Steve Jobs had passed on at this point and it really struck me: “His time is up! That’s it! He’s had his chance to live out his dreams.”


Then – The Alchemist. Alice gave me a copy and once I started I couldn’t put it down!! I read it cover to cover in a few short days. EVERYTHING resonated with me, but what hit me most was the decision the main character had to make right at the beginning. He’s a shepherd called Santiago and he had to decide: ‘Stay with his flock and be a shepherd where he knows his trade and is good at what he does, or skip town, follow his heart and pursue his destiny’.


That was literally my choice!!! Okay, okay, I didn’t have sheep but you get the idea.


Then – that run! You know the Les Brown story? How I was listening to an audio on a run and he asked: “What would you do if you found out you only had three months left to live?”.


I knew what I’d do: Move to Manchester, quit my companies, launch DARETOGROW, speak on stages about ‘how to change your life’ and write a book!”


Les Brown followed this up with: “How do you know you haven’t got three months left to live?”.


That was it. The icing on the cake. I was done!!


I ran home, wrote down the list and today, just three and half years later I’ve done EVERY SINGLE THING on that list!


I’ve paid off £100k in debt!


I got over depression without medication.


I no longer work in my first two companies and I earn six figures doing what I love: Coaching, speaking and writing. WTF?!


Look. I know I’m bold with these messages sometimes but I just want to remind you today: IT’S POSSIBLE!!!


I’m not giving you theory here. I’ve done it. I’ve done the long dark night of the soul. I’ve had the difficult conversations. I’ve lent into my fears.


It’s hard, I know. And it’s also possible.


And, you’re doing it. You’re on the journey!! You must be or these vlogs would turn you right off!!


So keep going my friend. I see you. I honour your journey. This is it. And you’re doing it.