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Things are permanent until you decide they’re not.

Whatever your situation is, you may think it’s permanent and impossible until you decide that it isn’t.

People tell us: I can’t travel, I have a family. I can’t build a business, I don’t have time. I can’t hire anyone, I can’t afford to.


The challenging thing is that these are all beliefs that keep people locked in that situation. What’s needed here is some good ole fashion outside the box thinking.


I asked Lisa how she approaches this and she said:


I like to tell myself that it’s been done before by people in the same situation. If they can do it, then so can I. I just need to find a way!


I remind myself that this is my challenge right now but it’s not my final destination. It might feel permanent but it isn’t. And I must accept change IS possible. And I reassure myself with the notion: Inspiration is coming, clarity is coming.

Before challenging myself I must ask: Am I open to receive?

You see, there is a version of your dream life you can work towards right now.It might not be perfect, but it’s closer to what you want.

Often, there are things we delay and deny ourselves because we feel like they’re just a little too out of reach, too outlandish perhaps. But your changes don’t have to be drastic, you could pivot slowly to the outcome you want over the next five years! If the change brings you joy – like moving house, joining a new class or taking a mini break – then that’s the perfect starting point.

Along the way we must remember to make time for the activities and hobbies that make our pupils dilate, our soul shine and the hairs on our arms stand to attention. The true secret to manifestation is to do more things that bring us joy, today.

As Virginia Woolf says: “If you are losing your leisure, look out! It may be you are losing your soul.”

An exercise you can try:

Start by writing down 3 things you love to do, but for some reason, don’t get around to doing enough.

For me, it would be cycling, swimming and taking photographs. Whereas Matt likes filming videos, hanging with pals and going to the pictures, and Lisa wishes she made more time for baking, ice-skating and, same as Matt – the cinema! Pick your three and see if you can book in to experience one of them this week.

When the day comes around, really get involved in whatever it is you’re doing. You’re totally allowed time off to indulge in fun! And in taking action, you’re bringing yourself more into alignment with your dream life! With fun. With joy.


You do not, by any means, have to put off what feels good because it isn’t the full picture or the big dream. Start small. The thing you want isn’t really impossible. You just might need more smaller steps to make it happen.

Remember: your situation feels permanent until you decide it’s not.


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