Well this was mind opening!!! One of the biggest challenges we all face is finding the COURAGE to be our true selves in the world and live an unapologetic life. I know this is something I’ve battled with…


How far do I go in expressing my truth in vlogs? Is that too much?!


Can I really wear trainers on stage? Is that acceptable?!


What if I said ‘no’ to that client and explained why? Am I allowed to turn down work?!


Enter Marla Mattenson – https://marlamattenson.com/.


Marla is widely considered as the world’s leading relationship coach for entrepreneurial couples. She’s a good friend of Niyc Pidgeon and she very kindly took up Niyc’s invitation to speak with us at the week long Unstoppable Success retreat in LA last week.




This woman is so authentic, so real and so honest that we all warmed to her INSTANTLY. Well, I think we all fell in love with her, her story and her work actually! Mentor crush or what! Haha.


She told us that people WANT and crave your authenticity: They want your truth. And when we live an unapologetic life, creating from our hearts and moving through the world unapologetically, how can people not be drawn to you and your work?


Press play for a little peek and find out what we got up to on day 1 of the retreat with Niyc.


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