[VLOG 078] Cookies, Pie and a Night at The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth, Newcastle

One for the foodies here…

On Thursday night our landlord put us up in the Grand Hotel for the night as he carried out some work on the place. Now most people would find this inconvenient. Me & Alice? ADVENTUREEEEE.

So off we went (ahem 100m down the road) for a gorgeous stay in the classic Grand Hotel in Tynemouth. Thanks G [the landlord!].

In today’s vlog, join me as we indulge in a hearty breakfast whilst overlooking the beach, visit a local farm for our week’s veggies and bake the day away.

There’s nothing earth shattering in today’s vlog – no big bits of advice or life changing questions – but it’s important to share this content. I prayed for this life three years ago – being free to work from anywhere, not feeling stressed when I woke up and having the courage to live a different kind of lifestyle.

And so here it is…a soul day in my life.

I want to remind you every day that you can have, be, do anything you want in life. Set the vision, work towards it every single day and don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you hold you back. Go forth. Lead the way for you, your family and even for the doubters 😉

Lisa x x



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Also obsessed with dogs, vegan baking and marketing.




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