[VLOG 51] That day it snowed in Tynemouth Newcastle!


So you know I’m just a LITTLE bit excited about Christmas right? Well, can you imagine what we did when it snowed on Thursday?? Oh my goodness!! Have a look hehe…

In this vlog:

– How I’m building my business around my life
– Me and Alice buy our first EVER Christmas tree!
– The hardest mindset shift you’ll make when building a purpose driven business. Annnd,
– A beautiful snowy walk along King Edward’s Bay.


– King Edward’s Bay in Tynemouth – https://www.facebook.com/pages/King-Edwards-Bay/182293408484621

– Coast Kitchen and Bar in Tynemouth – https://www.facebook.com/COASTTYNEMOUTH/ – Go and try their winter roasted vegetables dish and their almond hot choccies. Oh my!!

– Boundary Mill, Shiremoor, Newcastle – https://www.facebook.com/boundarymillstores/ – They’re selling real trees!! An extra special shout out to Robert and his colleague for being so lovely as we picked out our tree…they even delivered it and brought it up the stairs. THANK YOUUUU!!

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Lisa x x #daretogrow

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