How cool is this co-working space in Manchester?! Yes please! Vlog 174

I’ve done it. I’ve hit the threshold where I can’t possibly do another thing without help. There is a point in business where you reach absolute capacity. You can’t possibly do any more. And then you do haha. And then everything suffers: work quality, sleep, relationships, growth. And that hurts.


It takes a lot of courage to recognise you can’t grow any more without a change; a change in infrastructure, a change in approach, a change in location!


And I’m at that point now.


In the last 3 years, I’ve built a completely new business from scratch. No loans. No credit cards. No investment.


We’re now turning over six figures. And when I say ‘we’re’…I actually mean ‘me’. Team of one. Lol.


I need help.


It’s time to…well…GROW. And you know I’m all about that hehe.


So in today’s vlog, come with me behind the scenes as we check out the coolest office space in Manchester. It’s a co-working space called Colony and I’ll be building my team there in February.


I’m recruiting a Social Media Manager and a Junior Video Editor (still searching) in February and a Graphic Designer in April.


We haven’t decided whether to move across there yet or for me to commute and stay there half the week (I frickin’ love Manchester as you know!).


But, this is DARETOGROW / The Journey and by sharing this I hope it helps you to take one more brave, bold move in your life or business in the next few months.


You never fully know how things are going to turn out. But, if you have a vision, a plan and a comprehensive Excel budget, you’re got a fair idea it will be okay!


Interested in joining the team? I’ve posted the vacancies here:




x x x


P.s. thank you so much to lovely team at Colony for being so inviting and taking so much time to show us around. The spaces are perfection!! We’ll see you in February! Save us a seat…or three hehe.