How to overcome depression and feel motivated again | my journey

I remember being so ANGRY when I heard “depression is a state of mind”. I thought that the person speaking had clearly never experienced the thick, slow, grey smudge of depression or they’d never say that!


As my anger built and I ranted on in my head I realised something very powerful: “Wow, I am defending my depression here!”. And what you defend, you get to keep!


From that day forward, I tried a very simple but incredibly POWERFUL shift in language. Instead of saying “I am depressed and it’s permanent”, I started saying “I might feel depressed right now but it’s not who I am and it’s not forever. I am moving through it”. It was so hard to say those few words. I didn’t really believe it. But it opened me up to the POSSIBILITY that change was possible. That depression wasn’t forever.


I wanted to know how to get over depression for real and I started positively looking for alternative ways to heal. I tried running. Yoga. A sound bath. Coaching. 5am wakes up. Cutting coffee. Cutting the news. Affirmations. Positive reading every day. Events. Training.


I Googled ‘how to get over depression’. I asked spiritual leaders ‘Is depression real’. I even bought memoirs on getting over depression – ‘Shoot the damn dog’ was a game changer! The point is that I stopped sitting in my depression and I started looking for solutions, with positive intent! I WANTED to get better. I didn’t WANT to defend it anymore.


Want to know what I learnt after all that work? Ooooh it’s good!


But Iet me give you a clue: Happiness is figuring out what you want and finding the courage to build a life around it 😉 Press play for more…


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