[VLOG 234] Making sales online

When I start working with my wonderful new clients, I always ask them: What are you selling to who and can they buy right now?
After the initial shock of my directness, they tell me:
“Well, I’m in the process of building…”
“Well, I need to update my prices before I can promote things”
“Well, I’ve got 6 products all for different customers…”
And in hearing their own responses, they can see the immediate barrier to making sales online.
Hehe. We’ve all be there haven’t we? “I just need to…”
When I get to work with my clients – defining the offering, deciding who will benefit most, building a sales page with lot of useful information for their clients, and telling people about their offer – people start making sales! From £99 online course sales right through to coaching sales in the thousands.
Often, fixing these basics – clarifying your offering, honing in on smaller audiences, making it possible to buy now and running a launch to tell people about it – leads to sales.
Of course, there’s lot to making sales online but in today’s video, I want to share some ideas with you that helped me to make my first few sales online!