How to get out of debt

How to get out of debt

DISCLAIMER: Lisa is not a financial advisor.


100k of debt.


Wow, that’s a big number… It’s tough being in the minus’ but your life does not need to go on hold.


Don’t hide away because you’re in debt.


DARETOGROW presents: How to get out of debt.



You can still build your dream life, your dream business, you just need to prioritise what is important. Do you really need that Netflix subscription, so you catch up on another series of Bates Motel? Read a book instead, they’re cheaper (especially if you get one second hand from Amazon) and they spark up your imagination.


Shop at the cheaper supermarket. Batch cook, there’s no need for new recipes and meals out every week.


Make cuts where they are necessary.


CUT your spending. One by one, go through all of your accounts. Be it a business account, or a personal account. Look through your direct debits and standing orders. If anything crops up that you just don’t need, C.U.T it out. Be brutal.


Facing reality can be daunting sometimes. When we were kids we didn’t want to open our eyes in the dark because we were afraid of what we would see. Looking at debt almost has that similar effect. “It’s too scary” “the thought of looking makes me feel sick” …


Every time you make a payment, every time you see progress and you see the debt getting smaller. Remember to thank yourself and the universe.


Coming back to your vision, always back to the vision. If you genuinely ask for the vision, be bold, be compelling and the universe will deliver what you ask for.


So long as one manifests.


Not sure how to manifest? We’ve got that covered too: