Why you should come to DARETOGROW

Why you should come to DARETOGROW

Okay, okay, there has been a lot of fuss about DARETOGROW in recent months and you’ve probably heard about it by now. Have you been tempted to come along? Are you curious to know what it’s all about? In this blog post, I wanted to give you five clear reasons to come along. If you’re not tempted after reading all five, this event is just not for you!




“Be careful where you’re heading…you might just end up there”. 

I never understood the power in that quote until half way through last year. I have always had in mind the kind of person I want to become, the kind of place in which I want to live, the kind of value I wanted to add to the world and the kinds of people I wanted to have around me.

Last year, I ‘woke up’ and realised I would never have any of those things. Why? Because all of the day-to-day action I was taking was sending me down another path. I wasn’t doing a single thing to make my dream a reality and yet I clung to the idea that it would all work out in the end. When I realised that I would have to change the entire trajectory of my life in order to reach my goals and achieve my dreams, I had to make some very tough decisions; decisions that resulted in me downsizing one business, selling another, taking on (and paying off!!) £70k of debt, moving cities and launching a whole new enterprise, which you now know as IX7.

You see, if you have a dream for your life I can tell you personally that it won’t happen by magic. You have to define your dream and ask yourself every day: “what action must I take today to bring me closer to my dream life”.

At DARETOGROW, we don’t run away from tough decisions and big actions. We face up to who we are, admit what we want and find the courage to take the action needed to point us in the right direction. For that reason, DARETOGROW will dramatically change the directory of your life.





“The greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people will think”

There are only so many times you can say “one day I will find the confidence to…wear that dress, say that thing, launch my business, ask that person, quit my job, leave my partner, face my addiction, travel the world…”. We all create so many excuses as to why we can’t do something and never really ask ourselves why we can do something. The trouble is that over the years, the little excuses we develop grow into gigantic mental blockades that lock us in mediocracy in every aspect of our lives…not just in the specific area where the tiny excuse originated.

For example, I can’t straighten my right arm. It’s been like that since birth. You wouldn’t notice it, not really, because I’ve spent my whole life figuring out how to hide it by wearing certain things (like jumpers), by skipping certain activities (like dancing!!) and by avoiding certain actions (like shaking someone’s hand). As my life got bigger, I found more and more activities to avoid, I got very good at it actually and it began to take over my whole life. It even stopped me from standing on stage to deliver my talks. What rubbish! One day, I decided I didn’t care anymore and I stood up and gave a talk on the topic. I called it “The Stories We Tell Ourselves“.

You see, we actually build walls around ourselves to avoid any kind of failure, embarrassment or judgement and we tend to hand around with people who do the same so we can all reassure each other that we’re safe. You can’t do that at DARETOGROW because this is a group of people who DARE to grow. It’s an incredibly supportive, positive group who will congratulate and reward courage and new ideas, rather than question or undermine it. At DARETOGROW you will find the support, encouragement and confidence you need to follow your dreams!





“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Gandhi

How many people do you know, and hang around with, are truly happy?

I noticed, months ago, just how negative people can be. Networking, parties, the news, people on the train…everyone was complaining or bitching or frowning. Urgh. It became so rare to bump into someone who had genuine, positive things to say; someone with a happy disposition. I too felt down. I could feel a constant cloud hanging over me which appeared when I woke up and followed me around all day until I went to sleep. It just kept getting bigger and bigger and it’s no wonder…my sadness was like precipitation. The more I felt down and the more I cried, the more ‘rain’ I sent up to my cloud. It’s grip was powerful.

Around the same time that I decided to change the trajectory of my life, I decided to dedicate myself to finding happiness. I started running, I quit sugar, I started saying what I wanted to say, I stopped watching the news, I kept a journal, I refused to say anything negative (this was hard), I read a positive message to myself every morning to change the internal dialogue, I started watching motivational content daily. I mean I really went for it! For years, I would say I had depression. Ask me now and I’ll tell you that not only do I not have depression and can assure you I will never have it ever again…I’m not even sure what it is anymore. It’s a distant (dark) memory but that’s all it is.

You see, happiness is not something you post pone for the future, it’s something you design for the present. I know, now, that happiness doesn’t just come to you on a silver platter. You’ve got to positively and proactively choose happiness and build habits around developing a positive and happy outlook. I will show you how to find happiness through my talks.





“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone has a purpose in life; a unique calling; a gift. My purpose is to change the world by empowering people to follow their dreams. I have always known, on some level that this is my purpose in life; my calling; my gift. My heart has left a trail of evidence for me to find.

For example, the very first business I set up aged 23 was a graduate coaching business where I helped graduates to pick and secure the careers of their dreams. Even back then I was running events on how to get the most out of life! It all seems obvious, now, looking backwards but I only really faced up to it last year when I  launched IX7 and DARETOGROW, aged 29.

You see, we all have something we can’t deny; something we find ourselves coming back to time and time again but, I have to say, that it doesn’t happen by magic. So many of us fight our calling…we pursue the ‘big time’, we do what other people expect of us and we follow the beaten path in the hope of finding comfort. Let me tell you that you will never find comfort until you determine your unique purpose and take the steps to making it a reality: only then will you find alignment, peace and happiness. It’s not where you end up…it’s who you become in the process and I will help you to uncover your true calling through this event.




“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” Blake Lively

There are four types of speaker in the world: informational speakers who share lots of content and teach you something you need to know, motivational speakers who get you fired up and cause you to ‘start moving’, inspirational speakers who will touch your heart and cause a change in your chemistry and transformation speakers who will give you the process for transforming every aspect of your life. 

I am a motivational, and transformational speaker. I will not only jump start you on your journey to self actualisation, but I will give you the ideas, tools and actions needed to make your dream life a reality.

When I say “you will leave feeling taller, stronger and more powerful”, I mean it and that’s because I will teach you how to take control of your own life, face up to who you are and overcome every obstacle to ensure you make your dream life a reality.





That’s it, my five reasons for coming along to a DARETOGROW event. If any reason resonate with you, don’t hesitate: book your ticket and come along. It will change your life. If none of this resonated with you, remember we’re here. Something tells me you’ll join us in the future!

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