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Do you know what one of the biggest regrets of the dying is? That they spent their whole life living someone else’s life.

I felt like that for a long time: like I’d accidentally built the perfect life. For someone else. As the founder of two six figure businesses, people thought I’d achieved so much but I wasn’t happy.

I knew I was more than I was demonstrating to the world and I was feeling unsettled. I wanted more from life. I just didn’t know what, or where to begin.

Then one day, in an attempt to pull myself out of the slump, I went running. On the run, I was listening to motivational speaker Les Brown and he asked – What would you do if you found out you only had three months left to live? I began my mental list immediately: write my first book, have a few difficult conversations I’d been avoiding, move out from living with parents to a flat in Manchester, lose one stone in weight and launch DARETOGROW to empower others to do the same. The next question caused me to turn on my heal, sprint home and write down that list. Les Brown asked – How do you know you haven’t got three months left to live?

That was a just over year ago and I’ve done everything on that list. I now live in Manchester and I tour the UK as a transformational writer, speaker and coach. I’ve lost a stone in weight and have never felt better. I’m writing my first book and I’ve launched DARETOGROW. It hardly seems real at time.

How did I do it?

I stopped worrying about what other people would think, I focused on the future I was trying to create rather than the past, I re-educated myself and learnt about three life changing laws I want to share with you tonight.

At first, I couldn’t see any changes and I wanted to quit, revert to type but I didn’t. I kept going. Less than one year later I am living my dream life and showing other people how they can do it too. Is there something in your life you’d like to change?

Join me Monday 31st October at 9pm for a free webinar where I will share with you what I did to change every single aspect of my life. These are lessons we all need to know.

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