Arbonne: My Secret Armour

I am not a make up artist. Let me put that out there right now.

I’ve never really been into make-up or beauty or fashion really.

Now that’s not to say I’ve hidden away under rocks with baggy t-shirts and greasy hair. I’ve always taken care of myself and looked pretty darn good (if I do say so myself!) but recently I was introduced to a brand that made me rethink the whole idea ‘self-care’ and beauty.

About eight months ago, I rang Alice (my partner) in a state of fury. The make-up we’d been using – which I thought was NOT being tested on animals – was! I was so angry…why on earth is that necessary? I binned it all and went make-up free for a week, not in protest but out of financial necessity. Remember, both Alice and I were broke having decided to re-start our lives and follow our dreams. That’s another story…

Alice, on the other hand, had always been pretty obsessed with self-care. She really respects her body and her health (and her soul) and is very serious about getting enough sleep and downtime and play! She eats good food and is always drinking water. That’s not to say she doesn’t eat chocolate and other little treats. Oh, she does.

This hasn’t been my attitude in life. I’ve always been a “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” kind of girl. I fuelled my body with sugar and caffeine for years and it did terrible things to me. I piled on weight, my skin and hair was dull and I never, ever had enough energy. It was a vicious cycle. I knew things had to change and what a perfect teacher I had in Alice.

I started to eat a little better, and drink more water / less coffee. I got back into running too in a bid to control my depression and I was starting to look and feel better. Now, you are what you eat but as I’ve learnt, what you put on your skin matters just as much as what you ingest!

One day, at a networking event, an amazing woman – Claire – glowing with health stood up and announced that she ran her own health and wellness business supplying vegan health and wellness products. Me and Alice were there together and the moment the meeting ended I went to catch up with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while and Alice flew over to Claire. They were like magnets; drawn to each other.

Claire is an Independent Consultant at Arbonne International – the networking marketing business that supplies safe, pure and beneficial products to the world! Alice and Claire met for coffee and Alice brought home all kinds of samples. Make-up. Nutrition. Spa products. The works! The flat was like a 5* retreat for the week.

Every day, Alice went through her new skin care regime – a five stage process where she cleansed and then applied toner, serum, corrective eye moisturiser and facial moisturiser. It looked like a lot of effort and I wasn’t interested in doing it myself but I watched on as her skin transformed day by day – in only a few days she was positively glowing. She raved about the products and said: “Lisa, you’ve got to try this”.

ArbonneRE9I did in a rather reluctant manner. I’m really stubborn you know? And WOW. I fell in love with everything. The skin care, the make-up, the brushes, the bath salts. Yum.

Alice went on to become an Independent Consultant at Arbonne and, by way of a lovely perk, we started getting 35% discount from her online shop. She bought everything and I loved it hehe. To support her, I signed up as a preferred client and got my own 20% discount and I bought everything else!! The skin care, the foundation, the bronzer, the blusher, the eyebrow pencil, the make-up brushes…the only thing I stopped at was lipstick. I think that’s a step too far for me! We’ll see in time…

Putting on make-up in the past was just another task in the day – another part of getting ready but now it’s part of my self-care ritual. I bloody love putting on my make-up. I know the skin-care set is adding so much benefit to my skin and the make-up hydrates my skin all day long. Of course, I’m no pro – I’ve learnt this from Alice – but our skin ages from 25. I’m 30 now so last week I ordered the neck cream too. Too far? I don’t think so. It feels like I’m really taking care of my body and my skin. Plus, it feels lovely! The foundation matches my skin perfectly and the bronzer gives me a lovely summer glow. (Thanks again to Georgie who helped me pick the right shades at Alice’s first make-up party!)

I’ll tell you a little secret too…

I used to hate looking in the mirror. I was overweight, my skin was dull…I just didn’t look how I did in my head. When I’d see all girls looking in the mirror (as you do in lifts, reflective windows and the like), I’d think “blush, how can they be so confident?”. Then, by chance I saw a blog post that said something like ‘don’t judge a woman who admires herself in the mirror…you don’t know how long it took her to do that’. I totally get that now…I’m that girl! I look in the mirror now and think “damn girl, you’re looking guuuud”. I worked for it, I do work for it. I eat better, I drink more water, I exercise and I’ve invested in the best nutrition and products for my skin.

Before the RE9 moisture set

(no make-up / no filters):

Arbonne - Before

After the RE9 moisture set, before make-up:

(no make-up / no filters)

Arbonne RE9

After make-up:

(primer, foundation, bronzer, blusher, eyebrow pencil, mascara): Lisa Bean

I’m a massive raving fan of Arbonne. It’s even helping me on my journey to go vegan. Of course, all the make-up and skin care is vegan with no animal testing and no animal by products because, well, it’s the 21 century for crying out loud! And they have an incredible nutrition range. I’m currently trying out the Daily Power Packs for Women and the Digestion Plus. I’m about to begin a 30 day cleanse so I’ll let you know the results in a month! I tried it for a week a few months ago and it helped me to get off dairy – we don’t really drink milk / eat butter any more and I think that really helped with my new flat tummy. Ker-ching.

Alice is so impressive. She knows so much about the make-up, the nutrition range and the skin-care that I now have my own in house beautician and dietitian. Jackpot!

I’m going with her to Surrey this weekend to run one of her famous Prosecco and Pamper parties with a friend. We all get to sample the products, catch up and just indulge! Everyone normally treats themselves to something but there’s no pressure. It’s just a bit of self-care fun and I love it.

She runs them all over the UK so if you’d like to sample these products for yourself (which I think you should!) go to her web site and book one in. They’re free to run and the host gets lots of benefits.

P.s. whilst I’m not being paid to write this post – it’s not a sponsored blog haha – I’m hoping Alice treats me to a new blusher…just because she loves me.Arbonne_Makeup

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