How to be more productive and get more (of what matters) done

When setting up your own business, it’s usually the case that you’re working a full time job, looking after your family, trying to get back to the gym, manage your finances, get the car MOT’d, help your best friend through a crisis…the list goes on. Your inbox is full. The house is always in need of a clear out. The paperwork is piling up. And meanwhile, you’re trying to learn how to do Facebook marketing whilst panicking about making your first video. And now it’s Veganuary and you’re wondering ‘should I be going vegan?’

Am I close?

I only know this because I’ve been there and guess what: the answer isn’t to hustle more, work harder and sleep less. In fact, this counter productive to getting more done. Even though it seems the easiest and most logical solution at the time.

No no no my friend. There is another way.

In this new video – the first of a brand new video series called Q&A Sunday – let me share my personal insights into being more productive and getting more (of what really matters!) done in your day, your week and your year.


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