What is my destiny

What is my destiny? Answer these three questions and find out

Your destiny is hiding in the answers to these three questions. What do you crave? What can you teach? What would you change? 


This weekend I had a rare few days to myself. You might be surprised to hear that I’m quite a quiet person! I’m not sure I’m an introvert but I know I need time by myself to ‘fill up my cup’ and bring my best to the world. All I need is a few days here and there to be quiet and do my own thing without any other human contact. To half of you reading this you’ll find that very weird ‘no human contact, what’s wrong with her?’. The other half will be concluding, ‘well obviously, don’t we all?!‘.


The truth is, we all have different needs. We all want different things. And we all crave something unique.


So what do you want? What do you crave? What do you need?


I’ll go first…


I want more time to myself to potter about, chill, bake and watch Netflix – there, I said it! I want more friends who are building their own purpose-led businesses; people who really know how it feels and what’s involved: peers I can hang out with and talk about things we have a mutual interest in. I want to help reduce the number of animals sent to slaughter each year. I want everyone to be free to at least consider the idea of making a living doing what they love. And I want a villa in Ibiza with a pantry and ‘island’ in the kitchen. Oh and a black Mercedes SLK 600 for good measure.


What? I can’t do these things in style 😉


Black Mercedes SLK 600What do you want? Can you pause for a moment and think about this question?


What you want is a sign of what your future could be like if you dared to imagine it, dared to ask for it and dared to grow.


Two years ago I wanted to be happy. I wanted to work from coffee shops instead off offices. I wanted a blog. I wanted freedom. I wanted peace. I wanted to write every week. Those crazy ideas are now my new reality and going after them has led me here. If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, would you miss them if they stopped…what if I never started them?


And this brings me on to my next question…


What can you teach?


You don’t need a qualification to teach someone something. I don’t have any formal qualifications – just an English degree from over ten years ago. What I teach people is what I’ve learnt along the way. I learnt how to uncover my purpose and now I teach it. I learnt how to get over depression and now I teach it. I learnt how to get out of debt and…well I don’t teach that yet but I will.


Your life experience becomes your qualifications but here’s something interesting. Most of what I’m teaching you I didn’t even know twenty-four months ago. Can you believe that? In that time I’ve learnt all this stuff, I’ve created a brand and now I make a living teaching people about purpose, vision, purpose-led businesses, online marketing, building web sites. DARETOGROW was not here two years ago. I’d never led an event as a transformational speaker. My book was just a dream. And I didn’t have an online course.


You might already have something you can teach people. If that’s the case, what is it? What are you good at? What do you know that would help other people? 


If not, what might you have to go through first so that you can learn it now and teach it to others later?


I want to add a caveat here. Teaching people isn’t just about sharing your skill set. Lots of people have similar skill sets. Teaching people is about passion, change and empowerment. Think for a moment: what ‘knowing’ do you want to pass on to your children? What do you wish was passed on to you?


What you will teach is the answer to one of those questions. 


What would you change?


What would you change in the world if you could? Today? This month? In 2017?


I went vegan in January of this year – that’s only five months ago. In that time, I’ve save 150 animals from going to slaughter, I’ve saved 420 square meters of rain forest and I’ve saved 624,585 litres of water. In five months! That’s crazy isn’t it? There is an actual vegan calculator that uses the statistics from Cowspiracy to calculate the impact you’re having.


Sometimes change doesn’t even have to involve other people. You can have a dramatic impact in the world just by making changes yourself. The question is though: what dramatic impact do you want to have in the world? What’s the theme of it? What are the details?


Here’s what I would change in the world if I could: everyone learns how to love themselves, no-one intentionally hurts another animal ever again and everyone is free to make a living doing what they love. Sounds crazy? Well it’s not. And I’m not the only one making changes towards these goals. The world is changing and it’s an exciting time to be part of that change; to be leading a movement. 


What would you change in the world if you could? 


The trouble is that as a species we’re slow to change. We don’t like it. Change is unpredictable, scary, risky! But everything you can achieve in this world is sitting on the other side of change. This is why they say ‘to have something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before’. Most of us don’t want to do that. The grooves of our habits are too deep, like an old record spinning on a record player. The same grooves play the same song, on loop. 


What if the grooves of your life played music? What music would they play? Would it be upbeat and happy or slow and melancholy. Would there be a rhythm or would you hear chaos. Would there be highs and lows or would it be constant?


As the creator of this video says: The rings in that tree tell a story. They reveal the age of the tree and the effect of things like and rainfall levels, disease, and even forest fires. Light-coloured rings indicate growth spurts, while darker marks show times of a slowdown.


Each slice is unique; it’s a glimpse into the story of a tree’s past.


Maybe a tree can’t change its grooves, but we can. 


In many ways I believe our destinies are already mapped out for us. We all have a unique and compelling purpose on this earth and our destiny is the realisation of that purpose. When we silences our hearts, ignore the signs and chase the approval of others we refuse that destiny.


The first step in reconnecting with our destinies is tuning back into our hearts, our purpose, the soul of the universe and asking the right questions: What do you crave? What can you teach? What would you change?  


Your destiny is hiding in the answers.

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