Lisa Bean answers questions at book launch

First Sh!t Version Book Launch Celebration

Last week saw family, friends and DARETOGROWers from across the country unite for one very special moment in history that can never be repeated: the launch of Lisa Bean’s debut book First Sh!t Version.


A full crowd for Lisa Bean's booklaunch


Held at The Northern Stage in Lisa’s hometown of Newcastle, the venue had particular significance.


“Some of the earliest events I ever held were at The Northern Stage”, said Lisa, “We weren’t quite big enough then to hire a stage but I knew that one day we’d be back and I’d be standing on that stage to run an event like this. Because that was the vision, we chose to host our smaller events there to give power to that vision.”


DARETOGROW - Event in Newcastle


The event was held to celebrate the launch of the North East entrepreneur’s debut book – First Sh!t Version. The book, told through the story of Lisa’s journey out of debt and depression, is a guide to helping purpose driven entrepreneurs uncover their purpose, change their life and make a living doing what they love.


Having been rejected over 15 times by traditional publishers, Lisa chose to publish the book herself, with the help of hybrid publisher Rethink Press.


Lisa Bean reads from her book at book launch


“I had so many rejection emails”, remembers Lisa. “Not just from publishing houses but from agents too. I must have sent the book proposal to over twenty in the end. Some said they couldn’t connect with the material. Others said the style of writing wasn’t quite right. But I knew it had to be told in this format – as a narrative non-fiction to show people change really is possible.”


Lisa was right to release the book. It shot to number two on the Amazon Kindle charts and number three on the Amazon paperback charts, sitting alongside titans of industry including Marie Forleo, Simon Sinek and Eric Ries, within just 24 hours of announcing it to her community.


“The feedback and support has been incredible”, said Lisa, “It has truly taken my breath away!”


“What I’ve loved the most”, added Lisa “is how many people have messaged me to say ‘I couldn’t put it down’. I wrote the book for those people.”


Lisa Bean caught on camera at book launch


Nicky Thackray Zen Days Supporting Lisa Bean Book Launch


People travelled from Essex and Edinburgh and all places in between to join Lisa at this unique event. There were longstanding community members in the audience along with clients, family and friends.


“It was wonderful to look out and see so many smiling faces looking back at me. Seeing everyone mingle afterwards reminded me of a good old DARETOGROW live event!


North East Business Owners Supporting Lisa Bean Book Launch


At the event, Lisa told audience members where the name came from. “It wasn’t originally called First Sh!t Version”, said Lisa, “it was originally called DARETOGROW and Change Your Life, but we knew that wasn’t catchy enough! As I wrote the book, I continued to build my business and help more and more people launch their courses, events and programmes. I kept hearing the same challenges over and over: I’m not good enough, other people know more than me, what if it fails?”


Lisa responded each time with a phrase that was to provide the name of the Amazon chart topping book: “Don’t wait until it’s perfect for the critics, put it out when it’s helpful to your community: Put out your first shit version and improve from there.”


Lisa bean on stage at booklaunch


“The phrase just stuck”, said Lisa and it became the title of the book.


Buy your copy:


First Sh!t Version is available now to buy on Amazon.


Photography by Bean Photographed.