Expansion Business School to become an online course

Building a business is hard work, I know. It’s not just the offering and the marketing and the sales we have to handle, but it’s the mindset and managing our time and convincing family members “trust me, it’s going to work, I just need one more month”.


Haha – just me?!


Then of course we must deliver on what we sell. YES – seems funny to mention that – hello if you’re a wonderful DARETOGROW client, you rockstar – it’s just something people don’t always consider. You can’t just sell the thing, you have to deliver above and beyond on what you sold. And this is very important.


I know many an entrepreneur that has longed for ‘one role’…


“If I could do the marketing and not the selling.”


“If I could just organise the events and not go on stage.”


“If I could just run the classes and not have to fill them.”


“If I could just trust someone to do this part for me.”


“If someone could just tell me what to do, I’ll do it!”


Come on, am I close?


Haha, I know this because DARETOGROW is my third business (fourth if you include my ‘handmade cards’ business when I was 16 lol).


You’ve probably heard my story so I won’t repeat it but having built a recruitment company, a marketing agency and a coaching business from scratch, I may or may not have said three of the five sentences above haha.


Too honest? Well, you know me! Truth or nada.


But guys, can I tell you one of the biggest things I learnt building these businesses?


Every time I was building one I heard myself say things like:


“When I make it, I’m going to travel.”


“I’ll just use my credit card and claim it all back on that next launch / sale / win.”


“I won’t be working weekends forever, it’s just while I get it off the ground.”




None of this is true…unless you have a very clear and powerful strategy for an alternative.


And that’s what I set when building DARETOGROW: a very clear and powerful strategy to live out my purpose AND make a living doing what I love AND have the freedom to live, work and sleep anywhere in the world. And then some. 


I didn’t get there overnight but I’m here now. I have built a scalable online business that enables me to do what I love every single day: show people how to make a living doing what they love…and live a great life in the process. 


And it’s what I’m teaching my Expansion clients to do every. single. day.


I’m challenging them to put their specific and unique dreams in focus and rule out the distractions at all costs.


I’m challenging them to launch their thing now and ask for the sale, not just market and share content (such a common trap).


I’m challenging them to do the work on their mindset, their environment and their inner circles so they have the support they need to grow.


I’m challenging them to accept we all have the same 24 hours in the day and it’s what we choose to do with them that matters.


I’m challenging them to invest time learning the skills and acquiring the knowledge they need to make it work.


Previously, this programme – Expansion Business School – was only available to private clients and in a group coaching programme at a price of £4,500.


Having listened to your feedback and having spoken to so many more people I want to help and know I can help, I’ve made a BIG, BOLD, LIFE CHANGING decision…


Me and the team have been beavering away behind the scenes to turn Expansion Business School in an online course, complete with monthly live calls, live webinar based training, a two day live event, a workbook and more…accessible for £750+VAT (or a monthly payment plan) and LIFETIME ACCESS.


If you’ve been following for a while and waiting for the right moment to join, here’s what I’m going to help you do (number 6 is my fav):


  1. Get laser focused (not an understatement) on the strategy that will get you where you want to be. I insist you rule out distractions and focus on your chosen strategy.
  2. Get honest about what you want. Do you really want that car, that house, that thing? Or do you really want to live in a hut in Bali hehe or have the freedom to travel more? It’s up to you. 
  3. Define your message so well that when your perfect client reads it they say “woah, I want to work with this person…what are the options, I’m in!”.
  4. Manage your mindset through the ups and downs, leveraging the true power of vibration and attraction to bring about more of what you want.
  5. Build the confidence to smartly spend more money on your business and break through the £2000 / £4000 months to the £20,000 – £30,000k months. And I ain’t joking. 
  6. STOP PUTTING YOUR LIFE ON HOLD! If you want to go to that class, go today – trust me it will help. If you want to travel, go this year – trust me it will help.


I’ve worked with so many people who are putting their life on hold, waiting for business to pick up.


I’m going to show you how to pick it up (not sure that’s proper English haha) and live the life that’s been in your vision book for years.


Remember, I will never ever ask you to do something I haven’t done myself.


If it’s required to grow a business, build a life of freedom and make memories now – abundance diaries, daily reading, making bold decision – know I’m doing it too.


I’ve tested this new offer out with a few people who’ve explored the EBS coaching package with me in the past. Here are a few responses:


“Woah, are you sure??”


“I’d bite your hand off if you opened it.”


“I think you’ve hit on something really powerful here Lisa, this is EXACTLY what I need.”


“I want to know how you did it. How you built DARETOGROW. Send me the link”


EBS is no joke.


It’s a business training and mentoring programme for people who want to build scalable six figure businesses.


I’ll be honest. It’s not ideal for start ups. It’s for business owners who will likely already have:


  • An online presence of sorts – perhaps a web site or store front, with regular social media content.
  • A product or service you have sold in the past, so you have an offer to develop, sell and scale.
  • A customer base as in you’ve made sales before and you’re making sales but it’s not enough and it’s not consistent enough


If you’re just starting out, or exploring your first business or offer, I’d highly recommend DARETOGROW / The Online Course which opens in March.


If you’re already in business and want to:


  • Scale up to six figures and beyond
  • Build reliable revenue streams
  • Build a national brand
  • Launch or explode an online course or group coaching programme
  • Run multiple five figure launches
  • Learn how to use Facebook and Instagram ads properly
  • Build a brand people love to be part of
  • Have the freedom to live, work and sleep anywhere in the world…


Then Expansion Business School is for you.


Here’s what the course involves…


  • Lifetime access to the incredibly powerful, step by step business training which covers strategy, hiring, operations, Facebook advertising, running events, scaling up, cashflow, brand, marketing, sales and so much more. So much more.
  • A two day live event TWICE A YEAR. I may charge for these in the future but early joiners will get lifetime access for free.
  • A 100 page workbook to complete as you work through the modules on strategy, marketing, operation, cashflow, hiring etc.
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group of Expansioners on this course.
  • Two monthly live webinars with me, oh yes! Each month I’m going to hop on LIVE and train you all on something EPIC (often it’s things I’m employing right now in my life and business) and I’m also going to hop on for a monthly Q&A where you can ask me your questions directly. 


Plus, All training is recorded. There is a monthly bookclub. And we’ll be doing UK meet ups…until things get too big and out of hand haha.


Here are just some of the live training topics we have planned…




  • How to run a multiple five figure course launch
  • How to write an Amazon chart topping book…without a traditional publisher
  • How to build £10k recurring revenue in your business
  • How to run an evergreen launch, that makes money 24/7
  • How to use the Law of Attraction for immediate results
  • How to sell out a high ticket coaching programme in 7 days
  • How to build a brand that people love to talk about
  • How to get booked out as a speaker
  • How to hire your first team member, when you think you can’t afford to


Guys, this course is my next level programme for people who are ready to step into their role as leaders in the space. It’s for people who have gotten their business off the ground and are ready to scale, seriously. It’s for people who want to rub shoulders with other purpose-driven business owners. It’s for people who’ve read this post on the edge of their seat ready to say YES, I’m in!


Click the link to find out more and join the waiting list.


Doors open for enrolment on Sunday 16th February.