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What’s remarkable about you?

Here’s a question for you: what’s remarkable about what you bring to the world. What’s remarkable about your product?

What’s remarkable about you?

I’m currently rebuilding the DARETOGROW online course. It’s a 6 week online programme that will show you how to uncover your purpose, set a compelling vision for your life and launch a movement to change the world.

All of these topics have been covered many times before by lots of different people. Entire books have been written on the purpose driven life and launching movements. The nature of my content isn’t remarkable.

Neither is the way I’m building it. It’s an online course. People can log in and access the videos and the downloads online. There will be a workbook that goes out in the post. I’ll run live webinars and a bonus full day event. This was remarkable five years ago but now it’s becoming the norm. Lots of entrepreneurs are offering an online way to consume their products and online courses are being created and consumed every day.

So what makes it worth buying? Worth sharing? Worth talking about?

It’s the nature of the challenge. In this course I ask people an important question: what can you do today to launch your movement and change the world?

The precise wording of this question matters. I don’t ask: “are you ready…”. No-one is ever ready to do what I’m asking. It always requires a leap into the unknown; a stretch so far beyond comfort zones we never talk about zones again. I ask “what can you do today”. It’s a practical call to action. It’s a real and physical step forward. Today. You.

I don’t ask people to continue my movement. It’s “your movement” we need. That change you’re called to make in this world and no-one else.

I don’t say “and change your life”. I say “and change the world“. In order to change the world we must first change our lives, yes, but the DARETOGROW course isn’t just about one person’s life. It’s about all of our lives: it’s about humanity, spirituality. It’s about waking up as a collective. It’s about leading the way for others to step into their power. It’s about giving people permission to speak up; people who’ve been trained into silence their whole lives. It’s about encouraging rebellious moves in a world so struck by conformity. It’s about creating the world we want our children to live in.

The beauty in this is that one person can kick it off – anyone can launch any movement – but it doesn’t become a movement until people take on the mission for themselves and start taking inspired action themselves. It requires leadership, community, a shared sense of purpose. It needs a way to communicate, to share, to rally.

What’s remarkable about DARETOGROW isn’t the content or the way I’m building it. What’s remarkable about DARETOGROW is you. It’s the way you respond to it and the way we move forward.

So again I ask: what’s remarkable about you? Because the answer to this question is the answer to how we change the world.

Lisa x x

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