How to bullet journal: the beginners guide to “bujo”.

Are you sick of to-do lists?


Do you have an entire room full of sticky notes?


Screwed up pieces of paper of discarded tasks?


All you need is a pen and a very particular type of journal….


Bullet Journaling Video


I have two words for you: bullet journaling. Or for short, known as “Bujo”.


Bullet Journaling was coined around 6 years ago by Ryder Carroll. A simple yet super-totally-effective method of organising your life and day-to-day tasks without the chaos of having a million pieces of paper floating around your office.



Bullet journaling can have a positive impact on not only your productivity but your mindset too…it can help you to stop worrying about tasks in the future, pay bills on time and say goodbye to pass of paper filled with to-do lists… forever!



By incorporating a bullet journal into your daily life and business, you can organise and prioritise what matters most to the life you’re trying to build.



Typically, a bujo consists of four parts: Index, yearly log, monthly log and daily log.


Bullet Journaling Video


In this video we cover:



(1) How to set up a bullet journal



(2) The key elements of a bullet journal practice



(3) How to use for bullet journal for maximum impact.



(4) The key benefits of bullet journaling…



For example…we don’t cross things out on a bulletin journal, we turn the ‘bullet’ into a cross. This means you can look back over a month or even a year and see where you’ve spent your time and how much you’ve achieved!



We’re all guilty of completing tasks in the past and going back to our To-Do list and adding them on the list ONLY to cross them off lol. With a bullet journal, you can keep a neat and tidy reference of everything you’ve ever achieved.



A chance to look back on how effin’ awesome you are, year on year. Count me in.



how to start a journal in 2020 – journaling guide for beginners:


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