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[5] Quantum leaping: change your life with a quantum jump

Here’s a crazy thought for you! There are, right now, multiple versions of you out there in existence. There is the speaker, the artist, the writer, the teacher…the list goes on. This is because you can have, be, do anything you want in life and the second you come to truly understand that reality and step onto the path of anyone of those new identities, you make a quantum leap from one version of you to another version of you. By that I mean – when you accept you can be the speaker you always wanted to be and when you take action aligned with that version of yourself the path of the speaker opens up to you. If it opens up to you in that moment, it must always have been available to you and therefore it is in existence right now.

Wow, that’s big right. So let me explain…

What is quantum leaping?

Quantum leaping, otherwise known as quantum jumping, is the idea that multiple versions of you are available right now. You can jump between those versions of yourself but you can’t be both at the same time, not in any given moment. The idea comes from the world of quantum physics. It is widely agreed that an atom can be in one state or another but it can’t be in two states at once. For example, the atoms that make up a body of water can be in one state or another: water can be liquid or vapour but it can’t be both. Atoms therefore ‘jump’ between states – they’re one way or another way, they’re not both ways at once: they’re not in two states at once. In the same way, we can jump between different states or versions of ourselves but we can’t be in two states at once.

I stress this last point because it can help you to see the importance of gratitude work. If you’re experience a sense of lack or if you’re feeling down, the key is to practice gratitude. When you start focusing on all the things you’re grateful for you experience a change in state: you move from a sense of lack to a sense of abundance. It’s a quantum leap. For me, gratitude is a tremendous tool and so is running and baking. Running is a massive ‘state changer’ for me and baking brings me back to the present moment.


So what prevents a quantum jump?

Any one of us can quantum jump at any moment and there are specific ways to do this. First let’s explore what stops us from making a quantum leap.

We all have an identity. It’s made up of what we have, what we’ve achieved, what we believe, how we normally behave in certain circumstances etc. etc. Let’s call this ‘the ego’. Now the ego is a little bugar! It only really thinks about ‘me’ and it constantly feels under threat. It’s why we go into a conversation, a situation, a room feeling paranoid and afraid. “Ooh I wonder what she thinks of me.”. “Oh gawd, I knew I shouldn’t have worn this dress, I look so stupid!”. “What if this doesn’t work?”. The ego is constantly on the look out for threats – anything that would threaten it’s position, its sense of self, its sense of identity.

Our egos typically live in the past or in the future. They like to replay painful memories and form judgements about the past so we avoid those type of situations again (once bittern, twice shy!). And our egos like to focus on things they can acquire in the future – fame, wealth, tokens etc – to further affirm their sense of self. Our egos say ‘when you get there, you’ll be happy’ and ‘when you can afford this, you’ll be happy’. Everything is conditional in the world of our egos.

Beyond the ego, there is the truth of who we are. Let’s call this our ‘higher selves’. Now, our higher selves know we’re safe, they know life is happening for us and they know that we are already complete. We don’t need anyone or anything to complete us. We are complete. We therefore don’t need that partner to complete us, or that car to look good or that job title to affirm our significance or decree our place in the world. We already have everything we need: we are complete.

These two ideas, in many ways, are opposing. Your ego is not going to want to give up your identity and your higher self has no need for an identity, not deep down. So here’s the challenge: you have to give up your identity to quantum leap. A quantum leap is, after all, a jump from one state to another: one set of thoughts, beliefs and actions to another. And when you think about it, one set of thoughts, beliefs and actions leads to one identity and another set leads to another identity. If you’re a runner, for example, a quantum leap would occur when you move from believing you can’t win a race to accepting that the race is already won – it’s just a matter of time. You can’t both believe you’re going to win and come second.


Preparing to quantum leap:

When you live your life through the lens of your ego, it’s very difficult to make a quantum leap. This is because a quantum leap requires us to let go of old thought patterns, old beliefs, old values and to take on new thought patterns, new beliefs, new behaviours.

For example, let’s say I am constantly broke. I never have enough money to make it through to the end of the month and I’m always behind on my credit card bills. My thought pattern might be ‘Eek, can I afford my rent this month?’. My belief might be ‘I am broke, I’m always broke, my whole family is used to being broke – it’s the way things are’. My behaviour might therefore be to pay off the bare minimum rather than making real efforts to pay it off or to keep buying lottery tickets in the hope that I win big or even to blame other people for my situation.

If I were to think about money through the lens of my higher self, things might look different. My thought pattern might be ‘I am so lucky to have a roof over my head and I easily afford my rent, which I pay every month’. My belief might be ‘I am so abundant – I always have enough money for my needs and so I spend with gratitude not fear’. My behaviour might be to cut down on things I buy to ‘make me feel better’ and instead pay off larger amounts on that credit card bill because I’m working towards financial freedom.

Would you agree that the first pattern of thoughts, beliefs and behaviours would sink you further into debt but the second pattern would lead to financial freedom? Moving between these two patterns is a quantum jump. It’s opening up new paths: new versions of reality to you. If I can do this in any moment, surely those paths are already there right now? All I need to do is change what I think about (what I focus on), what I believe and what action I take.

When I was very broke (just two years ago) I did have that fear / lack mindset. There was never enough money, I was always behind on my bills and, never mind paying off the bare minimum, sometimes I wasn’t making payments at all! Eek. So what did I do?

Well, first of all I decided I wanted to change. I wanted to get out of debt and become financial free.

Then, I changed what I thought about money and I did this by reading books on wealth and learning about wealth management. I read a stack of books on ‘how to get out of debt’ and another stack on ‘how to manifest wealth / how to attract money’. I changed what I focused on each day.

And then I took action. I set up a spreadsheet to get clear on what was coming in and out. I called all my creditors (people I owed money to such as the bank, the Funding Circle and HMRC) and worked with them to agree payment plans with them all. My argument was it’s my intention to pay it all so it’s best to set up a plan we can both agree to rather than see missed payments each month. And I bolstered this with the most important action of all. I saved up enough money to draw out £50 from the bank (and it took a while!). Then, I’d go round all the shops in Manchester looking at all the things I could buy with my £50. I didn’t buy those things, I just cultivated that feeling that I could – I could afford anything in those shops with my £50. I read somewhere that being able to afford anything on a menu in a restaurant is the exact same feeling millionaires enjoy and so I cultivated it.

Every single step was a quantum leap. Deciding was quantum leaping, changing my thought patterns was quantum leaping and taking new action based on these new thoughts and beliefs was quantum leaping.


How to quantum leap:

So how do you quantum leap? There are three steps:

(1) Decide – you must decide you want to change. Set a bold a compelling vision for your future. You can do this by closing your eyes and visualising what you want. You can do this by buying magazines and making a vision book. You can do this by writing some new goals. However you do it, just decide on what you want (not on what you don’t want). For example: I would always say “I am financially free”, rather than ‘I want more money’ or ‘I want to get out of debt’. Saying ‘I am financially free’ is a present moment feeling I can experience. Saying ‘I want more money’ just highlights a feeling of lack. I’ll talk about this in another blog about manifestation.

(2) Change your thought patterns and form new beliefs. Let go of your old identity and your need for approval from the people around you. Focus on your new vision and ask ‘what would the person living that life think about?’. ‘What would they believe?’. When doing this personally, I found it helpful to find people who had achieved what I wanted to achieved. I read their books, signed up to their blogs, watched their vlogs. When I saw them in action, it proved to me that it was possible. I also read books on areas where I wanted to see change, particularly around money. The more I learnt, the easier it was to change my thought patterns – I just took on the thought patterns and beliefs of the people who knew more than me on that topic. I trusted until I knew.

(3) Take action! Lots of action. It’s going to feel weird and uncomfortable and your family and friends won’t get it. In fact, they will find your quantum leaps very uncomfortable. “You’ve changed” they’ll say and you’ll think ‘Yes, yes I have. Thank god!’ hehe. Action is the key to building your new life; to quantum leaping. For example, let’s say I want to be a writer. Well I can decide on it and I can think it’s possible all I want but unless I sit down and begin writing, I’ll never truly make the leap. So action is the third and final key to quantum leaping.


Maintaining a quantum jump

Returning to the idea of ‘atoms’ changing state, let’s all agree that steam can return to liquid if the conditions are changed. Just in the same way that we can quantum jump back to a life we don’t want if the conditions are changed. So what keeps you in one state over another? Well, in order to stay in a state of abundance, we’d have to make sure the conditions were right. So think about the quantum jump you’re making and ask ‘how would this alternative version of me live their life?’. What food would they eat, what would they wear, what would they do when they first wake up, what would they read or buy or do, how would they exercise etc. As you make your quantum jump, support it with infrastructure. Let’s say you’re losing weight, for example. You might remove all junk food from the house, batch cook on Sunday and even throw out all your old clothes and invest in new clothes you love.


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