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Like attracts like: how to change your life

It’s taken me one year in total to transform nearly every aspect of my life – finances, health, relationships, happiness and how I spend my time. In the beginning, I worked hard to try new things, take new actions and read new material. I followed lots of suggestions and took lots of advice from people who had achieved what I wanted to achieve: happiness and financial freedom.

I knew I was capable of more; I knew I was more than what I was demonstrating to the world but I just couldn’t make the big shift happen.

Nearly six years ago, I read a book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. The core idea of the book is that you get what you ask for in life. If you want more money, more love, a new car, success etc. just ‘ask the universe’ and it will come. I bought into that idea immediately but never really got what I truly wanted: happiness and financial freedom. For one thing, I didn’t really ask for those things and for another thing I was missing a few core ingredients in my manifestation activities.

Reading Wayne Dyer’s book ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ and Rhonda Byrne’s more recent book ‘The Magic’ I recognised that the core components I was missing in my daily practices were gratitude and belief: gratitude for what I already had and a belief that these things were part of my destiny, that they were already programmed to happen for me.

Firstly, I had to stop focusing on what I didn’t have and therefore stop experiencing that sense of lack those thoughts created and secondly I had to truly believe I was worthy, capable and willing to accept these things into my life.

I had to come from a feeling of wealth to attract wealth. I had to come from a feeling of love to attract love.  I had to come from a feeling of health to attract health.  I had to come from a feeling of happiness to attract happiness.

The key to this for me was to stop thinking about the future and start focusing on the now. I wanted more than anything to have a positive impact on the world by helping people to change their lives. Key to this, then, was to experience this change for myself day by day and minute by minute; to stop thinking about the future and start changing my mindset in the moment.

Looking back, it was never the big decisions that changed my life and it was never the act of ‘striving’ for what I wanted that created the change. What caused the shift for me was changing the tiniest and the most seemingly mundane daily actions I took: how I woke up, what I chose to eat, what I wore and how that made me feel, what I said to myself throughout the day and what I chose to focus on moment to moment.

In essence, I raised my standards in tiny ways: I ate better food, I got more sleep, I had more fun. In fact, I think a game changer for me was when I started to bake. I love baking and I love baked goods. It’s almost a meditative activity for me and giving myself the time (allowing myself the time) to switch off and indulge in a mindful activity like that changed my life. You see, when I raised my standards in these ways (what I thought and did, and how I spent my time) my whole attitude shifted and my whole life changed in response.

This is what inspired today’s quote: you don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you become.

Who are you busy becoming?

Lisa x x


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