Falling in love with myself

Falling in love with myself

How do you feel about yourself?

What do you say to yourself when looking in the mirror?

What story do you tell yourself when you walk into a room?

What are the reasons you can’t or won’t do the thing you were born to do?

I’m particularly interested in these questions at the moment because these are questions I had to answer when changing my life.

I used to beat myself up constantly. I’d play a tape of mean comments over and over in my head: “you’re fat”, “you look awful”, “you’re a fake”, “you’re failing”. I’d tell myself these things so much that I’d look for evidence to support the claims. And guess what? I found the evidence. This took me spiralling downwards until one day, I hit rock bottom.

We all do it, right?

You see your brain is a very powerful computer. If you ask it to find evidence for the fact you’re worthless when you look in the mirror it will deliver. If, conversely, you ask it to find evidence for the fact you’re worthy it will find that too.

It’s hard. I totally get that. When you’re feeling down or unworthy or incapable the negative thoughts just keep coming don’t they? But here’s the key. We can’t stop them. Don’t try to do that. The trick is to drown them out, play over them, convince yourself otherwise.

How do you need to feel in order to take that first step?

If you want to change your life and the lives of the people around you then you must first change how you feel about yourself and what you deserve. The actions will follow and they’ll be in line with how you feel. The better you feel, the bigger the action. And often: the bigger the action, the better you feel!

So perhaps the question should be less ‘how do you feel about yourself’ and more ‘how do you need to feel in order to take that first step?‘.

Imagine me asking you that question right now. What would you tell me?

This was one of the fundamental shifts I made in 2016. I went from telling myself I was fat and ugly and unworthy to telling myself I was fit and beautiful and worthy. With tears streaming down my eyes I’d look in the mirror every day and tell myself: “I love you”. I’d repeat it over and over. Then, I’d read my personal affirmation to myself over and over again. I did it until I believed it. And then I took action in accordance with my new beliefs and my whole life changed.

I got over depression, I fell in love, I built my dream business (DARETOGROW) and I started to look how I wanted to look: I lost weight, I got my hair chopped, I started investing in better food and healthcare products…I became vegan, I started being true to who I was, I spoke up about the things I believed in, I started writing…the list goes on and it started when I began to fall in love with myself.

So what do I tell myself now?

I am love. I am beauty. I am worthy. I am here to change the world: to empower people to build their dreams lives, to help end animal cruelty and to bring my creative work into the world because it feels darn goooood!

I will lead the way so others find the courage to take the first step too. After all, I am following in the steps of those who have gone before me.

It’s pretty daunting putting this live but I wanted to share this blog with you today to tell you I know that you’re putting yourself down. That’s been okay until now but enough’s enough. You’ve got work to do in this world. You have a purpose to deliver on and it’s time to mix things up, fall in love with you and get to work.

Are you with me?

Then ask yourself: what could I accomplish if I truly believed in myself? What do I need in order to be happy so I can go out into the world and make a difference? How do I need to feel in order to make that first move?

Think on that today and remember: you are love, you are beauty, you are worthy.

Lisa x x



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