09 Guest Expert Nicky Meditation

You don’t have to hate your life! How to dramatically change your life and reduce stress today – Guest expert Nicky Thackray


In today’s episode, I talk with meditation teacher and friend Nicky Thackray!


A few years ago Nicky felt burnt out, fed up and hungry for more in life and work. She was trapped in the classic “I earnt great money and had a great career but I wasn’t happy and felt stressed out all the time”.


In today’s honest, funny and heart-warming episode, you will hear:


  • How Nicky went from being a meditation sceptic to full time meditation teacher…online!
  • What it really takes to make the big changes in life and go out on your own as a business owner.
  • The truth about ‘getting back into alignment’ in life and work.
  • What Nicky did to take radical responsibility for her own happiness.


Plus Nicky shares two fab exercises you can try today to reduce stress, get back in control and prepare for those major life changes ahead! I use both of them!




To find out more about the free Kickstart course Nicky mentioned in today’s episode, click here: https://myzendays.com/the-kickstart/


To try out Nicky’s brand new 7 day meditation challenge, click here: Meditation challenge


Follow Nicky on Facebook here – https://www.facebook.com/nickyzendays


About Nicky:


Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been making it my business to teach people how to calm their mind, boost their happiness, and supercharge their life. It’s what I most love doing.  


I’ve been honoured to train at companies including Sky, Amey, and Opencast, speak at corporate events, run private retreats, be featured in magazines, and teach people the skills they can use to combat stress and enjoy their lives on a new level.


My Zendays mission is simple: to inspire you to become a Wellbeing Warrior in your own life, fearlessly protecting your peace of mind and learning how to be happy. 


I live in Tynemouth with my husband, daughter and son and spend my time coaching, speaking, creating powerful meditations, and writing about how to live a happier life.