How to change your life activating the powerful Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction says that you bring about what you focus on in your thoughts and what you hold energetically in your body. Therefore, to bring about meaningful change in your life, you must practice holding the positive thought of the thing you actually want in your mind, and back up that thought with a feeling of positive expectation. This means being a match for the outcome you want in your life in both your thoughts and in your energy. Both must be in alignment to activate the Law of Attraction in a positive way and bring about change.

Change your thoughts change your life

I used the word ‘practice’ in reference to the Law of Attraction above because many of us have spent decades practicing fear, with patterns of anxiety and worry. And that too activated the Law of Attraction. If you look back over the last six months, for example, I bet you can easily identify ‘themes’ of thoughts you’ve been repeating, and even themes of energy you’ve been experiencing. Pause now and do that. What have been your repetitive thoughts? Were they positive expectations? Creative ideas? Anticipation of good things coming? Or were they fears and worries and issues? Did you think of wonderful things coming your way, or did you tend to focus more heavily on what could go wrong and what has gone wrong.


It can be very hard to disconnect to these patterns of negativity, especially when reality seems to mirror what we’re thinking about. “Lisa, you tell me to think more positively about what I want but things keep going wrong! Look at all this bad stuff in my life!”. Sadly, that won’t change, in reality, until you change your focus mentally and energetically onto more of what you want. And this means being able to suspend reality for a moment; being able to disconnect from what you’re seeing while you give the Law of Attraction time to bring about the outcomes you actually want. The Law of Attraction is at work 24/7. What you focus on, you get. What you feel, you experience more deeply.

Change your life - law of attraction

So can you do that? Can you turn away from what you’re seeing in practice for a moment and reconnect with the dream, with the expectation, with the result of what you want? I know it’s hard because we’ve all been taught to focus on the now, on the physical, on what we can see. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say “Yeah, well, I’ll believe that when I see it, pah!”. That is the very thing that is working against them! The truth is, they’ll see it when they believe it. Thought and vibration first, result second.


To change your life, then, you must first decide what you want to bring into your experience. You must get good at holding the thought gently and with positive expectation in your mind. And you’ve got to learn how to back this up vibrationally with energy. To feel excited about it. To know it’s coming. To feel certain it is already in existence and is on its way to you.

How to change your life law of attraction

And here’s the kicker! With this in motion, you have to then release some of that anticipation because when people think too much and put too much pressure on ‘the thing’ they want, they don’t realise that they slip back into ‘lack’. Pay attention to how you feel when you do this work. When you know something is coming (like the train you see pulling onto the platform), you feel relaxed about it don’t you. You see it. You know it’s coming. So why obsess? There it is, clear as day! When we start to obsess about the result (where is the train? Why isn’t it here? It’s cold! I’m going to be late!), it’s a sign that we don’t fully believe it’s coming. That’s why I used the word ‘gently’ – hold the thought gently in your mind, know and trust it is coming.


This of course takes practice. Us humans tend to live in repetitive patterns and routines, and the more we trace a line across our brains, the deeper and more engrained that ‘line’ becomes. Changing your life really means retraining the way you think, the way you feel and the way you behave. It is easy to do in theory, but a lifetime of conditioning makes it so hard to do in practice.


So can we begin today? Watch today’s episode on creating a new dominant thought and use this as a launchpad for bringing your attention more in alignment with what you want, therefore activating the Law of Attraction to bring about more of what you want to experience in your life.



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